What are the symptoms of an activated ability, The Sight, aka the Third Sight.

It's not going to be easy, but it's going to be worth itHow will you know if the DNA ability of seeing the consequences of your actions, aka The Sight is working for you or not?

I just realized, this very minutes, that the language of the effect of the potential/capacity/ability used is misleading.

When I say: Let’s look: you look with your eyes, even if I tell you to look with your Self… your Consciousness.

When I say: see the consequences of your actions: you’ll try to see something with your eyes, right?

But here is the problem: they eyes are an outward organ, only able to relate to the physical reality, and even in that, only to stuff that can be seen.

Then there is the “inner eye” the mind’s eye, that is creating pictures from what the mind stores… so it is rehashed.

So the eye is unable to penetrate the invisible, unable to penetrate the beyond, unable to penetrate the unknown.

But the answer to that question: what are the consequences of my action MUST come from the beyond, or it is just rehashed garbage…

This week I saw that the mind is a Garbage Collector… treating its garbage like treasure, treating its garbage like it is all there is…

So, I should have used the word: the ability to sensing the consequences of your actions, or maybe: knowing the consequences of your actions.

With that said, if you are one of the many who asked me to activate that ability for you, you have a job to do: You need to start to look for answers with your sensing them…

Not the mind, not the eyes, but something, a part of you, that is sensing.

Of course, that is the Consciousness, but if I say that, you’ll be flummoxed, 1 because you have no idea what that means.

And yet, we all have it. We are just out of touch.

So the battle cry: Let’s look, wasn’t a cry to looking all around you, looking in your mind trying to remember… it was actually a cry to connect to your Consciousness, that is in touch with all-consciousness, that is All-knowing, as far as things that have ever been known.

But it is definitely beyond the 1% that you have been trying to connect to.

Unfortunately to you, the knowledge of the 1% is mostly garbage…

And your life accurately reflects that.

So it’s time to find your sensing part, it is time to find your consciousness… so you can stop repeating garbage, repeating the story of your life, and start creating something new.

Isn’t it time?

Stuff that comes from Consciousness is never wrong. Stuff that comes from the mind, the 1% is wrong most of the time.

This is, by the way, what meditation is for: to get in touch with your consciousness, so it can guide you.

It’s a pity that people use it to get rid of thoughts… your thoughts can rage AND you can be in touch with consciousness! It is, as with the good and bad wolf: which one are you going to feed? Which one are you going to listen to?

Mind is verbal. Consciousness is non-verbal. Hear words? it’s mind. That should be your guide.

See pictures? It’s mind. Consciousness is non-visual.

Feel stuff? Sense stuff? You may be really close or right on.

Direct knowing? My “equipment” is direct knowing. I just know. Obviously from consciousness. Because my knowing is non-verbal, non-visual, but my knowing is also non-sensory.

Confusing? Now you know why so few people grow at all… Because it is not easy.

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  1. bewildered or perplexed.

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