Life, looked through the filter of games… Is life a game?


In the game of life, when you are losing, or not winning, the two things that can be missing are moves and DNA capacities.

The game goes the way the game goes, but you can play well and with a full deck, or not. Life deals a hand that you can play to win, and you can play to lose…

Each game in life has moves. Winning moves, and losing moves. You can have all the winning moves if you can’t see the consequences of your actions, you won’t win. And even if you see the consequences of your actions (capacity), if you don’t have moves, you still lose.

You have to have the capacities and you have to have the moves to win. Both are part of the invisible.

Life can be treated as a game, and everything in life can be treated as a game… A game you can win, or a game that you can lose.

golf is a game. next to the hole is not in the hole

What is the definition of a game?

How come? Because the definition of a game is that something is better than something else.

In golf, the little ball in the little cup is better than outside of it.
In the game of money, getting money is better than not getting money.
In love, being loved back is better than being ignored.

So, with this definition of life, your job is to have a lot of moves, if you want to be able to fully benefit from the DNA capacity activations I have been doing for the past nine days.

The rules of a game change by cultures.

In California, the prettier you look and the shallower you are pretending to be spiritual is winning.
In New York you need to be hip… or you are nobody.
In the South you have to sound pious, and then you are a good man or a good woman.

In China you are supposed to follow the guidelines: all creativity is punishable, sometimes with death.
If you are a Russian woman: the more clothes you have the more successful you are. The more men you have duped, the better you marry for money, the more successful you are. Unhappy but successful.




1lifeisagameimagesThe game also varies by individuals, by the soul correction.

The least pretentious country I know is France.

In most countries: if you are a man, you are already winning.

So you see, the games people play are plenty.

Most people don’t play with a full deck.

A full deck would be having all the capacities you need to play the game well.

If you work for a New York City bait and switch electronics store, owned by a Middle Eastern family, if you can fleece customers, you are considered a winner.

If you can talk them to death… and they buy your merchandise… you win.

But if that is your toolbox: talk potential customers to death: you are not playing with a full deck.

And that is happening to an ex employee of mine: practically out of a job, at age 60. He needs to add to his tool box, but he can’t see that anything is missing… so he asks for nothing.

He talks to me the same way he has been talking to tourists the past 30 years… He has not clue who he is talking to, even though he has “known” me for 24 years. He doesn’t know how to talk to me so he can get from me what he wants.

He is trying to talk me into doing things… but what he uses to motivate me is of no interest to me.

He has no idea. He is frustrated, but not enough to not try it, the same way again, next time.

He is not alone, even though he is an extreme example.

You are not playing with a full deck. You either miss capacities, or you miss moves… or both.

Because there are so many games, I can’t give you everything you need. I can activate your missing capacities, which is between 30 and 80 for most of you.

The least amount, 30, belongs to my longest student, we could say first student, who has worked her ass off to become who she is… and yet she is still missing 30 capacities.

She has more capacities than moves.

Moves need to be discovered, at least that is my experience. It’s taken me many years to win every Freecell game I play… (except when I play to distract the mind…)

Consider that playing life well is fun, beneficial, and rewarding.

When someone contacts me for services like attachment removal, or Soul Correction DNA capacities activation, I give them pointers on what game to focus on.

So far no one, literally no one has followed the instructions.

For example someone with the soul correction of Memories, these are the people who live out of their past, hoping for a better and different future. The biggest missing capacity is the capacity to look at life and have a variety of valid interpretation… or they will have to repeat the same thing from the past that they didn’t like.

In essence, bring creativity to seeing life, playfulness, and creativity.

I turn on the DNA for that, so they will have the capacity, but will they do it? My guess is: habitual ways of being win out, and they will not be better off for having the capacity, the RARE capacity of seeing life creatively.

Life is a game where unless you live like “if it is to be, it is up to me”, you are an effect… and the cause can be anything and anyone outside of you.

I hate to be an effect.

The best thing I learned in my three years in Israel, is the Rav Hillel saying: “If I am not for me, who is for me? If not now, then when?”

These words by Hillel are the ground rules of a winning life, a life that is in alignment with the grand plan of Life.

Isn’t it time you start to play by the rules of winning in life?

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  1. Well, 🙂 , her first (default) reflex was ‘wtf, 30, I’ll never…’ lol! Really.
    And then I said to myself: Hold, never is a lie! Say, in four short years I got where I am now, so in the next I-don’t-know-how-many-years I’ll continue to work and we’ll see…

    Btw, you are sooo plentiful in the past week (10 articles in the last 3 days!). It’s not easy to keep pace with them – it takes me more time to get them than it takes you to write them – ha-ha-ha!

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