What are we going for when we ask you to use your activated capacities?

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the-beasts-transformationWhat we go for is transformation.

Transformation is the magical seeming phenomenon when from one moment to the other, the world changes in front of our very eyes.

Of course the world argues that you can do anything you put your mind to, but this is a lie. You can do anything that you have the DNA capacities to do.

Capacities can be interpreted as abilities, but there is only a correlation. Talent would be a closer approximation of what DNA capacity is.

I have participated in transformational education for the past 30 years. Most of it through Landmark Education.

People who teach success, in any arena, money, relationships, career, health, etc. start from an unproven axiom that they can make anyone successful if the person is willing to do the work.

It’s hogwash.

The truth is: they can make anyone successful if the person has the necessary DNA capacities activated, and willing to do the work, and the method matches their style.

Now, I am not going to work on style… it is brand new to me. But I am going to elaborate on DNA capacities…

  1. To be able to experience transformation: this is one set of capacities.
  2. To be able to cause transformation: this is a whole new set of capacities.

All a coach, a teacher, a parent has to work with is the limited capacities the other has, and the limited capacities they have.

No amount of talking, no amount of mind movies, videos, jumping around, will change that. (I don’t know of anyone who can activate DNA capacities, but myself, so this is unfortunately the picture of coaching and teaching and transformational courses… meager to no results)

So people work with what they have and fake the rest.

Do you know what you have to work with?

To boot, people don’t even know what they have, because the egomind is most interested in what they don’t have… what they have to pretend they have… so there is never enough peace to actually look what they have.

I have a client who has a few new career opportunities.

I asked him to start doing the skill-inventory exercise in the What Color is Your Parachute 2 .

His desire to look good overrode the desire to find skills. The inability to change his vantage point made it impossible to look at the success story from a different vantage point. (The exercise involves writing seven true success stories of yours and then analyze them for skills you used in the stories).

So, you see, the normal and usual fate people have is to be stuck in one job or one kind of job is a result of not having the capacities to even look differently and see differently.

My story

I remember in 1988: I myself could only think of one path: staying in architecture.

But luckily I had the capacities the exercise in the Parachute book needs, even though I would not have thought of using them without being asked to look differently and tell differently. These are two capacities, not one.

The result was nothing less than spectacular: I could make a career move from architecture to publishing, coaching, and I felt a lot more fulfillment here: this was a much better match to my abilities. And then eleven years later I could make another move, and eleven years even further another move… and now I am in this unique “niche” that I would not have been able to imagine before.

But without the capacities of seeing different and looking different, the possibility of transformation would have never happened.

Why isn’t life changing for you?

If you ever wondered why life hasn’t change for you, in spite of all the things you’ve read, all the things you’ve learned, all the things you got coaching about: here you have it.

The teaching can only cause a change if you have the capacity and are willing to do the work.

It seems that the first work to do is to make the capacity not just a potential but actually work for you.

An analogy of DNA capacity as potential or DNA capacity as actuality

The analogy I can give you is this: You move into a new apartment. You have electric sockets in every room of the apartment, but you don’t know if the electricity is turned on. So you don’t plug anything into those sockets… you use candles to light the rooms, wash in cold water, and heat the rooms with wood stoves.

Now, if I told you that I turned on the power… you’d still have to do something between the power being on and actually it being useful to you.

You’d need to get light bulbs, a stove, a washing machine, a radio, a TV, a computer…

Get them and use them.

I have turned on the power, i.e. I activated some missing DNA capacities, but you are still lighting your life with candles.

Is that stupid? Shouldn’t you at least try them out? Take them for a spin?

The enemy: hope

I know. You don’t want to lose hope. And keeping hope means: don’t move. Don’t do anything. Because maybe you’ll lose hope and then you’ll have nothing.

Is that what’s going on for you? Hope?

PS: You have on average 60 capacities that are not active. I have six, my students that did the Second Phase Activation course three years ago, have 30 capacities that are not usable, because they are not activated..

The most economical solution is to have the capacities that allow you to grow, your soulcorrection capacities activated. For some people it is just one activator, for most it’s 3-4.

The price is the same, no matter how many capacities you need me to turn on. Here is the link to pay… But even when your capacities are activated, you still have to use them, like using electricity in my analogy in the article. Otherwise they are like potentials…

Pick your option

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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  1. Hi Sophie,
    Is this useful to me as I already have several capacities activated? Also, do I pay the Established or New Reclaim Student price? Thank you.

  2. Thank you Sophie. I will make the payment now. I really appreciate all your help and support.

  3. Sophie, this move threw me off and I can’t remember if I ever signed up for reclaim. I am thinking I should choose new reclaim student, right? Thank you.

  4. you never signed up to Reclaim. If you want the new student discount, you need to sign up first, and then to the soul correction abilities activation at the new student rate.

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