Does it ever happen to you that you talk and no one responds?

no one hears me speakYou talk about something miraculous, that could make all the difference for people… you speak, they listen… and nothing.
You say something profound… no echo. You ask for something, and people’s eyes are glazed over.

Well, this is a regular occurrence in my life… it’s been happening as far as I can remember. And it has happened in every language… not just in English.

I used to suffer about it. I used to blame everyone, call them stupid, etc.

There was a point, some 30 years ago, when it first occurred to me that maybe it is my job to speak in a way that people can understand, it is not their job to change how they speak.

It was jarring. I resented it for a long time.

And in the past 30 years, I have gotten a little bit better at speaking to how people think… a little bit better.

Now, for the most part, this only means much less students, much less money, much less success. Much more arguments, much more resentment.

But in some cases that is the difference between abject poverty and making it big.

all your resources are dormant... activate them!Although I saw the errors of my ways, unfortunately, to be able to use this insight, there was one other ability that was missing, the ability to care.

Caring, I think, is close to being the last ability that gets activated for a human… Because it is so hard.

What does it mean caring? The ability… not the feeling. The ability not the behavior

Caring means that something else, someone else’s interest is put in ahead of yours. No way Jose… right?

It means giving up… difficult as hell!
It means choosing, changing, hard, hard, hard.

I never cared, but I didn’t know it. In Hungarian there is no phrase: “I don’t care!” I first heard myself say it Hebrew as I cut in line in front of 20 patiently waiting people. They protested, and I said “I don’t care”.

I heard myself. It bothered me. It conflicted with my self-image as this good person wanting to make a difference in the world.

Base human nature: I am right!

Doing what others want me to do, because that’s what they like… it’s against my grain. I want to do what I want to do, because that is what I consider good…. that is what I consider my contribution.

But, you see, unless you can “sell” the good, even it is really good, nobody will buy it, and you’ll starve.

And that’s been the story of my life: Saying that my good is more important than the fact that you don’t want it… lol.

This morning, this work: activating abilities on the DNA level

I was pondering this whole thing… pissing in the wind. Then I remembered the coaching I gave to some clients: If you want to be heard, listen first… huh?

So, let’s look at what happened this morning: I did some research… (listening) and found out a few things:

  1. Activating DNA is quite a popular topic. I checked a few claims, and all of them are lies. Every single one of them.
  2. Activating a DNA capacity is not something that people search for: it means something in the technical world, but not in the world of the human potential area, self-improvement, spirituality, etc.
  3. I am doing something revolutionary, something unique, but no one will know, because I don’t have a language that communicates to the people that need what I do.

    Parents who want the best for their children, and would do anything for them. If they heardw that the child’s chances for success in school and in life can be doubled, tripled, quadrupled with a little bit of money and a little bit of nudging… they would flock to my site.

    Adults who have been stuck… they would hear that they can get unstuck… because this is not just for children… even though children take to it faster… with less resistance.

    But what is the language, what are the words that would communicate? So I could, finally, make a bigger difference in life?

OMG, I actually care enough to ask these questions.

Now, why did I share this?

  1. to illustrate how an ability gets teased out to be used fully, in my case “caring.”
  2. to ask for your help in finding the right words… I’ll go back and change the wording in my articles.

So, you see, I do care. Do you?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Does it ever happen to you that you talk and no one responds?”

  1. Keeping in mind that any words you use instead of “activating DNA capacities” won’t convey exactly what you want to convey, but hopefully will communicate closely enough to get the message across, I think you something you said in the previous article would work well. You said “Capacities can be interpreted as abilities, but there is only a correlation. Talent would be a closer approximation of what DNA capacity is.” I think “activating abilities” (with no “DNA” or “capacities”) will communicate well to the average person, even though there is only a correlation. (I don’t think “talent” will communicate as well as “abilities” even though it’s a closer approximation.)

    I’m one of the people to whom “activating DNA capacities” doesn’t communicate well. I find my first reaction to articles about DNA anything (by you and especially by other people) is to turn away and read something else. I tested “activating abilities” on myself and, in contrast, it attracted my attention. So it might work with other people.

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