How to activate your relationship with your consciousness so you can be guided

activating-dormant-abilitiesMost things that happen inside you, inside Team-YOU, (Team You: body: feelings/emotions, mind, soul, ego, subconscious, history/ancestry, cells/DNA, self/identity, Self, consciousness[/note] are below your conscious awareness.

Most of the abilities, most of the DNA capacities I activate, need you to get aware of the happenings inside you, or you’ll lose out.

What do I mean “lose out”?

When you pay $25 for the activation of a capacity, an ability becomes available to you. If you don’t use it, you lose the $25. But what more you lose depends on the game you play in life.

Some people don’t play a big game, and for you the loss is negligible.
Some people play bigger game, and for you the loss is thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars.
And for some of you, it’s millions of dollars, plus happiness, fulfillment, satisfaction, your legacy… you get the picture.

Photography by Brighton and London photographer Emma GutteridgeNow, the challenge is that abilities, especially the ones that you have never used, are in the dominion of “I don’t know that I don’t know”… or “It’s missing that it’s missing.”

Let me explain: if you don’t know that you could ask your consciousness to ferret out the possible consequences of your actions, you won’t ask your consciousness. You will ask another person, do research for tree of knowledge on the internet, or ask your mind.

You’ll get the type of answer you have always had, and more than likely, your life will continue to be the way it is.

So what could you do if you actually considered that consciousness is there, it’s on your side, and it knows and sees stuff you can’t see?

Of course you can’t see consciousness, and you can’t even feel consciousness… but you trust me, and you say, “What the heck, let me ask consciousness to look.”

So consciousness uses a language you understand, nudge, sound, picture, words (on a book, on a bus, on a sign… that you catch a glimpse of, not thoughts.) to guide you, but you either stopped paying attention, or you invalidate the message.

I am an invalidator by nature (remember, I am your consummate, archetypal arrogant) but I have learned my lesson: if you ask, and don’t follow, your relationship with consciousness gets damaged.

Consciousness will say: Oh yeah, you are going to make me work and then trash my work? F… you too, my dear.

If you decide that consciousness is not your friend, instead your mind is… stop asking consciousness…

You need to tell the truth about that. And take the consequences…

Now, why would anyone not want to follow the guidance of their consciousness? After all that is the aspect of you that can see further than anything a human can see… past, present and future!

My experience has been that whatever consciousness suggests that you do doesn’t make sense to you. Just like a coach, consciousness will suggest that you do the thing that you don’t want to do, but that thing will take you where you need to get to.

When something makes sense, that means the you are looking in the mind… the garbage collector, honoring it as the smart part of you.

Consciousness looks way ahead

Consciousness looks way ahead. It knows the secrets of your soul, the desires of your heart… and it will ALWAYS suggest a path that gets you to fulfill on both.

I followed consciousness and its suggestions for the past decades, and the twists and the turns could have driven me crazy… except I trusted.

Trusting consciousness, and trusting yourself come from the same capacity: trust and trustworthy are the same capacity, only two sides of the same coin.

If you haven’t been trustworthy, you need to get better at it, or you won’t be able to trust yourself and consciousness… it’s an earned trust, not blind stupid trust.

You have or don’t have trust to degrees. It was one of my soul correction capacities, and I am up to 20% in realizing it: making it real in life.

The capacity of trust

The capacity of trust is open and activated for most people, unless it is part of your soul correction, like Silent Partner… then it needs to be activated.

But when it’s activated, you still need to do a lot of work… because it will never be automatic.

And it’s pretty much the same with every ability, every capacity.

It’s not automatic.

You have the capacity to ride a bicycle, but you still have to go through the pain of falling and falling and falling until you find balance.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “How to activate your relationship with your consciousness so you can be guided”

  1. I am Plinio Iglesias ( age 87) : It surprised me when I called my son (age 50) and was telling me that
    there was a lack of communication between us, I asked like “Lack of Integrity” and he said yes!
    Yo said you are going to come Friday and you even didn’t call me back to cancel.
    At a good time I found that my Integrity sucks.
    I am not going to continued this charade of mine.

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