More on activating consciousness to guide you: what are the abilities you use for that?

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value-ability-usingIt is human nature to want to be smart. The feeling is: the smarter you are the better life will be.

But being smart from the mind isn’t very smart, except to the people who put the stuff in your mind.

In my readings about different cultures, the Chinese culture is a good example of that kind of smart. For hundreds and hundreds of years, the Chinese has been encouraged to repeat, not think.

For two years I had three Chinese students live next door: no thinking, no emotions, was my experience. If any emotions were felt by me, it was the emotions of visitors and guests… never the occupants.



The evolution of the species requires people to be problem solvers.

There are two kinds of problem-solvers

  1. those who deals with problems other people find, like a slow computer, a broken part, or a process that went haywire… very good occupation for a Chinese. They need to be told what the problem is…
  2. those who see problems where others don’t… and solve them. These are the creative types, that have penetrated the “invisible” to one degree or other.

Let me explain…

If you remember, my entire framework for life was smart/stupid for the first 40-50 years of my life.

And the question: am I smart or did I get help? came up a lot. In the end I wanted to work alone, so that I know… Until I decided that instead of wasting my life on this question, I should just decide “I am stupid” and be done with it, and have time to pay attention to other things, like integrity, honesty, beauty, truth, freedom, growth… other things that matter.

Instead of eyes darting back and forth between smart and stupid… I started to go “out of line” and notice those other things, in me, and in others… It took time… a lot of time to notice those.

Then came the period of allowing consciousness to see the solution… and the question: “am I smart or is it consciousness that is smart” started to come up again.

different, not better or worseIt also took years, but today I am able and willing to relinquish my role in things, and admit to myself, that I am not smart, it is not me, it is consciousness that is doing the work, is saying the words, seeing the things that I have previously didn’t see, didn’t know to say.

Today, consciousness and me: we are a team.

I help consciousness look by giving it time, and refrain to jump in and start doing…

When I don’t have the self-restraint to jump in, Consciousness politely withdraws, and then I am on my own, making my own mistakes, ruining what I have built.

So, I am in the phase of learning restraint, without setting the ego off. It’s the hardest thing for my soulcorrection, Forget Thyself… The thyself word means the ego.

Now, why am I sharing this? Because I want to make your process shorter than mine was.

I know you’ve been expecting instant light… after all it’s a switch. But the light is covered in a lot of layers of “veil”, habits, ego, priorities…

For me, self-restraint seems to reveal a lot of light… the not too frequent times when I even notice that it’s missing.

So what do I actually do? I sit. I watch. I allow. I allow the wisdom to emerge… without me doing anything.

If it is not forthcoming, I go back to the beginning and reiterate the issue I need help with, this time without any restrictions.

I don’t limit the solution to a yes/no, or a multiple choice answer, even though most often that is how questions come up: shall I buy this? Which exercise is best for me? Shell I go left or right? Multiple choice answers are an offense to consciousness… limiting, just like smart/stupid.

A student of mine has been teetering back and forth: shall I leave my husband? shall I stay and change him?

Small picture, small question. Poor way to use consciousness, or me.

Allow the direction to emerge… and the small questions will resolve themselves.

Oh, it requires more courage? Of course, what did you expect?

Creativity: living at risk.

Want to stay a machine? No risk. Want to consciousness direct your life? That is the creative way… full of opportunities to summon courage.

Wonder why so few people are creative? You got your answer… right? lol.

Creativity is also a capacity, and ability to let go of control and allow consciousness to lead… like in a dance.

Turning Points

One of the turning points in my ability to allow to be lead happened six years ago. My computer was slow, and misbehaving in a big way.

I asked for help on a website,

The help was too slow for my ego’s sake… and I did some stuff on my own, in addition to the help and instructions I received.

I learned a lesson: you either ask for help and allow them to help, or don’t ask for help…

Paaaaainful! But I learned it. Over time.

Do you recognize yourself? You go to an expert, me, ask for help, and then don’t follow instructions. Don’t take the time to get the instructions, don’t respect them.

It is ego fighting to keep you feeling superior, and the same…

If you have this issue, I promise even more pain if and when you attempt to learn to allow consciousness to lead you. Got it?

PPS: I am currently working on the computer I lead webinars on and watch Netflix on. The ability to allow to be lead, to allow not knowing, to allow dangerous stuff to lurk on my computer and infect my life… I am still having strong reactions to that. Tightening of all the muscles, the sudden urge to cry, biting my lips…

Yes, it will never completely go away. You just get better at it.

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