How the abilities activation effects children

Cooking-kids3I activated the abilities of The Sight and Appreciation a few days ago… This is the email I received this morning… unsolicited, of course.

Good morning Sophie. I finally settled in. I would like to share the change that I see after your activation of the two DNA capacities. The first thing I noticed is in my kids.

My daughter in the past never wanted to help when she was cooking or baking even though she wouldn’t have a clue what needs to be done: She had an “I already know attitude.” Now whenever she is baking she accepts little tips like what needs to go in a cookie batter. Or asks me what goes next.

I was making a chicken dish and she helped me make it while in the past she wanted to do all by herself. She is more teachable now.

Another thing: she doesn’t get mad at me when I say something good I shouldn’t have said or if I somehow made her mad, she gets over it right away. Before she would be pouting all day long, moody about nothing. Not any more.

My son has changed too. He stopped wetting the bed!

He told me “I know why I stopped wetting the bed. It is because all the Sophie’s articles you read to me I started applying them”. I was like wow. Since we moved to a new place he wetted his bed every single night and now 4 nights: dry.

Another thing that’s obvious: he stopped paying attention to other family members’ moods. For example I just bought a popcorn machine, a cheap one. He was making popcorn and left it running after the popcorn was done. So it melted the whole top. lol.

I got upset for a few minutes telling him not to leave it on, which he already figured that one out for himself. In the past if I goet upset he would go and lock himself in the room and blame himself for being stupid. He stopped doing that! If his dad yells at him or if he does something stupid he just moves on, doesn’t go in his pouting mood, doesn’t go to his room. Really big change for him.

These changes happened the next day after activation. I should mention that it’s them able to see and change their action. It’s not a magic type change. I see them catching themselves.

Mine is that I catch myself more often before I say or do something stupid. Another thing is I used to say this when my husband needed something: he doesn’t care anyway, why would I get him something good. Now every time he needs something I get him what I would get for myself. Seeing him as a human being having the same right to live as I do.

There are more things…I’ll record them as I see it.

Thank you

Amazing results… each and every one. This is what is possible when you get capacities activated on the DNA level…

Adults, of course, have a harder time, because they are set in their ways…

You can have these capacities activated too…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “How the abilities activation effects children”

  1. Just realized after reading this article, it has also begun happening with my youngest daughter.
    She’s decided to pursue her dream of traveling out of state. She registered for college & looked into renting a room. This is very much out of her character, but it’s happening. Wow…… going to learn from the gal that shared her experience and start reading your articles to her so she can learn more and become all she can become.. Sophie, thank you!

  2. I’m sorry, in my first comment I failed to mention that I had my sight activated by you before my daughter decided to pursue her dreams.

  3. you see, when you fail to mention, it means you fail to acknowledge the source of the result… Consequences of this action: try to reproduce it through the wrong actions, which won’t work.

    One of the most important capacities is to see what was the cause…

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