Musing on good and evil, and the role the unactivated DNA capacities play in that

good or evil?Some people, some groups, even some countries always bet on the wrong horse.

They are on the wrong side of life, and don’t know it. Can’t know it. Can’t see it… Why? The answer is at the end of the article… Keep reading.

The question is: is there such a thing as a national DNA, a party DNA, a group DNA?

My hunch is that yes, albeit not in the traditional sense.

Hungary, where I was born, is such country, by the way. They sided up with the Germans in both world wars… and they lost both times, with the Germans.

They are still on the wrong side of life… poverty, corruption, antisemitism.

Are you on the side of Life? Are your affiliations on the side of Life?

One of the abilities missing for Hungary is the capacity of “the sight“… being able to see where your actions are taking you.





Looking from consciousness and the Laws of Life.

Now, I assume most of you are on the side of Life… but what if your friends, your church or church group, if your party isn’t?

One of the ways you know that is that they want the interests of a group to win, not all to win.

  • Animal activists are not on the side of life.
  • People who burn abortion clinics are not on the side of life.
  • Any racist groups are not on the side of life.
  • Any religion that dictates that people of different religion should die, or convert to the “right religion” are not on the side of life.
  • Communism isn’t on the side of life… because in the natural evolution of things, forced utopia is against life.
  • Charity, welfare, ballooned social spending isn’t on the side of life. It surprisingly keeps back the people from growing it pretends to help.

Ponder these categories, if you would… it will expand your view. Even if you are arguing with it because your group is on this list…

The list isn’t complete… but it is a good representation or what it is like when a person or a group isn’t on the side of life.

So, what separates the people who always bet on the wrong horse and those that are on the side of life?

Surprisingly the people who are in these groups are very low vibration.

One of the ways their low vibration shows is in the number of DNA capacities that are activated or not, especially the ones that lead people to actions coming from “desire to receive for the sake of sharing”.

Human evolution is in the direction of workability, respect, honor, dignity, and self-determination.

The wrong side always goes against these values… while pretend to come from them.

These capacities underneath activate the ability to see other people as having the same rights as you or your group. When these capacities get turned on, people leave their groups, parties, churches, because they can no longer align with the group’s etc. purpose: desire to receive for the self alone, power over another, winning at another person’s, country’s, group’s expense.


ethics-presentation-may-26-2011-27-728It is inconceivable that someone with those values: respect, honor, dignity, self-determination should be on the side of evil.

One of the most traumatic stories I have seen on Netflix was the story of the young medical student who became partner in serial killing… in Criminal Minds season 9 episode 19.

When I muscle tested if the person had those abilities active, the muscle test says no… What makes the story so traumatic is the fact that she was a medical student. Our common concept, our hope of doctors is that they are on the side of life.

But, surprisingly this is not true. Less than 10% of doctors have these DNA capacities turned on… You see, the medical profession, selfless as it seems, can be home to bad people, unevolved people.

And by bad, I mean people whose actions are dominated by the “desire to receive for the self alone.”

I expect a lot of hate mail now… lol

No idea what I am talking about? Here is a slideshow I borrowed…

Ethics presentation may 26 2011 from taj7900

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

5 thoughts on “Musing on good and evil, and the role the unactivated DNA capacities play in that”

  1. Animal activists not on the side of life? Don’t understand that one, aren’t they trying to protect innocent animals? Very thought provoking article, makes me want to vomit.

  2. If you observe animal activists, they come from hate. That is their starting point. Is that on the side of life?
    Much like ISIS if you ask me… all non-animal lovers should die? really? all non-moslems should die? really?

  3. no, it’s not extremism.

    the benefit from any action needs to be universal and non-exclusive.
    if it is exclusive to 1. animal lovers 2. good people 3. christians 4. democrats 5. moslims… then it is exlusive… exluding others… ie the group is happy at other people’s misfortune, at other people’s expense… win/lose

  4. one more thing, Rebecca…

    Win-not lose is not desire to receive for the self alone.
    People who earn more, can earn more without having to share it.
    People who have more talent, can be proud of that, without having to give up what they can get.
    Business owners DO NOT HAVE TO GIVE BACK. They have already provided the world with an opportunity to contribute, an opportunity to earn a living.

    On the other hand, CEO’s making 100 times more than the people who actually work… that is desire to receive for the self alone… at the expense of people with talent and creativity, who made all that available.

    You can see that it is not that easy…

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