DNA capacity activation webinar insights to share

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destination-vs-directionEvery time I do something new, I hate it and learn something new.

We had the webinar where I activated self-trust and humility for people who were on the call… subscribers to my mailing list only.

They were also students and customers… no surprises here.

There have been a few surprises, that I’d like to share:

  1. one needs trust in others to allow me to “do them” on a public call…
  2. depending on the level of trust, a person can get a capacity activated even if it is not directed specifically at them
  3. people with the least amount of trust are the most fickle: they try anything and then get all messed up: full of attachments from their escapades.
    So far I have removed 8 jumping, infectious attachments from people who registered in one of these webinars where I must connect to you in order to activate the capacities of self-trust and humility.
  4. When a couple comes to the call together, the lower vibration person dominates and makes it impossible for me to do the work.It is always the lower vibration person determines the couple’s vibration… and doubly so if that person is a woman.
  5. I had a missing capacity which I activated while on the call… flexibility. And I must have activated a capacity for someone, even though I didn’t have it, because now I only have four unactivated capacities.

Good deal.


Man-Drawing-CirclesHere are some more observations:

Some people come to the call but they are not there for the call, they are there for what they can get.

They “know” what there is to get, the rest is not interesting to them. Then, after the call, they bombard me with questions that were answered on the call… while they didn’t pay attention.

This is a common behavior for school aged children, even college. They judge what they should be learning, and have no question on their minds what will be useful or not useful, because they are not able to look at the bigger picture, mainly because their arrogance prevents them.

This is one of the reasons the world is full of people who went to school, but their knowledge is useless both for them and their employers.

I went to architecture school. I didn’t see anything “not useful” but that is not what I want to share. What I want to share how having been an architect is crucial in me being able to interpret what is going on with you.

  • Knowing how the soil is that supports the foundation
  • Knowing what foundation errors create different cracks or sinking in a building
  • Knowing how things build on each other and what happens if a supportive element breaks or is missing…
  • Knowing how movement happens in a building… like energy in a human
  • Traffic blocks… redirection… etc.

All these I learned in architecture school and as a working architect.

Without these I probably would be one of those woo woo practitioners, who make up s-h-i-t that sounds good but is not true.

And these notes are not about the call… but they came today:

If you are a sensitive, or an empath, and connect to everything and everyone indiscriminately, like the daughter of one of my students, you’ll get a lot of jumping attachments from infectious people.

I have found that sealing yourself off is a capacity, and it prevents these accidental connections. Invaluable.

And yet another thing that happened today: I checked on the original Ayahuasca infected client: he has 30 attachment, 12 are jumping, and hopefully just writing about him won’t make those jump on me again… like earlier this day.

I activated the sealing off myself capacity… whew, no attachments. Wiping brow… lol.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “DNA capacity activation webinar insights to share”

  1. So great to hear that you were able to activate the sealing off capacity.

  2. I am sure you think it is also useful for times when you listen to someone, or get a healing from someone. But it isn’t. It sets up natural energetic barriers, but if you willingly break it to hear or experience and/or a healer’s energy, of course the healer’s energy and the attachment can come to you and attach itself.

    This is a good capacity for unconscious sensitives and unconscious empaths, so they don’t get infected in the course of a normal day. I can’t use it for anything other than having control if I am connected to someone reading or saying their name, or reading their email… like the Ayahuasca guy, or Mr. T… I should test it, this is not a good time… I have a call in 20 minutes, no time for experimenting now.

  3. Actually, I was glad for your sake. It felt bad that you got a jumping attachment from me. I did think it would protect you, or anyone else if they connected to someone. Oh well, even a little bit of protection is better than nothing as it’s a pretty messy world. You’ve told me I am sensitive, so perhaps it would be useful for me.

  4. Would the sealing off capacity be useful for me?
    i think in the past you said i wasn’t even a sensitive, maybe it’s sympathetic or something more, but i know in relationships i get stuff from the other, also from family, though i suspect this maybe via a conscious or unconscious connection.

    That said, i suspect my gf is either empath or sensitive because i feel things of others more strongly when she is around, also if she is having a crap day or something/someone is feeling crap near her, i will know about it, even if i am not there, has been very unpleasant in the past.

    would the capacity be useful for her?

    Thank you.

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