What is human nature and what is human being nature?

he-who-has-so-little-knowledge-of-human-nature-as-to-seek-happiness-by-changing-anything-but-his-own-disposition-will-waste-his-life-in-fruitless-efforts-nature-quoteThis article may not be to your liking… Be forewarned… If you stay, please make sure you read the footnotes. If you don’t know what they are… you know what to do…

What is human nature?

Counter to new agey bs, counter to positive thinking, etc. Human nature, at this point, is to desire everything ONLY for themselves. Or shall I talk to you? Only for yourself. Sharing is not a capacity that is compatible with human nature.

Why? Because human nature is all about survival.

The fastest way to break up a family is to die… and then the people who inherit from you will fight and hate each other.

My two brothers did that over an old rare book… both wanted it. They haven’t warmed up to each other since… this was 20 years ago.

It is so in sex, it is so in business, it is so everywhere.

I muscle tested, and the nature of human being, the next evolutionary stage of humanity, is based on the capacity of “desire to receive for the sake of sharing”.

There is hardly any language that can express it so you understand: only about a thousand people have that capacity functionally open at this stage. It makes no sense, because languages have no words to express it… so your mind can’t go and search for it. A possibility unrecognizable… yet.

I remember myself before and after it started working. I was born with the capacity open, but not functional. It wasn’t functional for my father either.

It became functional when I started to notice it because of the distinction “desire to receive for the self alone” and “desire to receive for the sake of sharing” from Kabbalah.

find the evil within. that is the first stepIt was easy to see desire to receive for the self alone… greed, envy, jealousy, possessiveness, arguments, intolerance, frustration, impatience… all the bad feelings are a sign of “desire to receive for the self alone”.

It doesn’t mean you are a bad person, it only means that you are not part of the 1000 people who have the capacity open AND it is guiding them in their actions. 1

I spent untold hours pondering what desire to receive for the sake of sharing means… because it is alien from human nature… And then, after all the pondering and ten years, the ability is now 30% open… enough to make me weird and hated. Hated.

hate towards new

This is the first time in a long time that I feel pure unadulterated hate coming towards me.

I won’t try to explain: you’ll have to do your own work, and it will be hard.

But I can tell you what happened.

I sent an email to the 1200 people on my email list about my desire to put my abilities to work to hopefully curtail the apocalypse that can be caused by…

Now, here, listen up: No one side can cause a war. It needs more than that. It needs people who hide in their houses, only caring about surviving themselves… that is you, my dear.

Just like the genocide of six million Jews needed people to only care about themselves, this war can only happen if you continue caring only about you and your family.

And you do only care about yourself and your family… and unless something happens to you, on the DNA level, you will continue being this way.

So my email was that I envision finding a person whose activation, on the DNA level will influence a critical mass of humans… and start the process of “ascension”, of transition to Human Being society.

Human Beings who actually care for and about others… when it matters.

Where the word between you and me is “and” and not “or”.

It is in the DNA and no amount of pretense can change that. If you don’t care, you don’t care. Smiles, charity, volunteering… veneer. Pretty covering up the truth: you need to go through profound transformation, transfiguration, pain, regret, shame, to be able to become a human being.

The “healers” that use your greed and desire to receive for the self alone to make a fabulous living don’t like what I am doing. If we succeed, the rug will be pulled from under their feet… I know what it is like… not fun.

So, last night I crawled to my bed: obviously someone is on my mailing list who has access to some voodoo practitioner…

Voodoo doesn’t kill unless the person attacked acts like it is killing them… then it is, like any placebo, it will kill you.

I know it’s not lethal… although it hurts, and hurts a lot.

Now, after a rough night, I woke up to two emails where the subscriber suggested that they could be a descendant, and muscle test confirmed that.

Now, it is easy to announce, it is easy to bask in the advance glory of savior… it is not that easy to sit down and figure out what to do and how to do it.

So, in addition to working with you, on your capacities, on your soul correction, I will start working with these two people.

Because, as you have understood, hopefully by now, an activated capacity doesn’t do much until you “realize it”, i.e. make behavior consistent with the activator.

And some capacities make no sense inside the culture of humans… like caring…

4617859613I have two students that have 80% of their capacities activated, yet only have 20-25% of all capacities alive, working, and guiding them in their actions. The easiest, I guess.

And that work: setting life up that you need the new capacities is challenging. Most people are unwilling to do things they had never done before.

But, of course, if you keep doing the same things you’ve always done, you’ll remain the same, regardless of the capacities you could use…

I used to speak French really well. I haven’t used it for 30 years. In a dream last night I had a hard time saying even simple things to the French people that found me landed on their shores… But because I used it at some point, I can refresh it.

When I arrived to Israel, I didn’t speak a word of Hebrew. But because I had the capacity open (for some reason it muscle tests as a capacity) I could get to a level that I could work in Hebrew after nine months of hard work, daily.

But you are not like me… you choose the easy way out, the way where you don’t have to change.

So my job is cut out for me, because, as you see, turning on your DNA capacities doesn’t change you, unless you take the steps YOU need to take.

And that is rare… unfortunately.


  1. Read this if pretense is not your bag. Pretending that you are better, more, different, that you are good, generous, caring, loving… OK, hopefully the pretenders have left by now.

    Until you can see the evil within yourself, and see it clearly, you will not even begin to use the new capacities I have activated for you. And, of course, if you pretend, you won’t… You will have more interest in pretending than actually doing the work, that is not pleasant, but ultimately rewarding you with a life worth living.

    And if you are a non-pretender who wants those capacities activated, here is the link to paypal to pay. https://www.yourvibration.com/DNAcapacity or just read the DNA capacity activation articles, https://www.yourvibration.com/category/dna-activation

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6 thoughts on “What is human nature and what is human being nature?”

  1. Yesterday afternoon, it occurred to me that the ability for generosity is a probably a dna capacity. Would this be different than the desire for sake of sharing? Seems like I may be having a bit of synchronicity with you. I feel bad that I do want to be able to be generous and that my survival fears oppose that vehemently. I recall that as a child, when I would sometimes express a desire to be generous to a non family member my mother would get angry and since then I can hear those same expressions arise in me.

  2. you are a prime example of someone who inherited the capacity from one of the parents, your father, but it didn’t get used, because a child learns by example. You have the capacity: desire to receive for the sake of sharing. Now use it… the only thing that stands in the way is you not being complete with your mother. So, chop-chop… lol.

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