You never know where any step takes you… The Sight does…

same-old-shit-crazy-new-shitWhen you have The Sight activated, like a lot of my students and clients, you can ask and you are, in the minimum, shown or given a signal for yes or no… proceed or not to proceed.

You don’t know why you got yes, and you don’t know why you got no… you can ask, but it is really important to trust what you are given.

This is exactly what happened yesterday.

There are all kinds of money making investment schemes, and I don’t participate in them, as a rule.

Yesterday I followed a link in an email I got, and it wasn’t clear that what it was promoting was one of these, or I would have just left… but it was shrouded in mystery.

I used The Sight to penetrate the mystery…

fork_in_the_roadThe Sight said: do it. I rolled my eyes. You must be kidding… But when it was launched today, I looked again, and it still said yes… So I invested $250 dollars, plus hired a guy to do the initial setup, so I can continue doing what I came on earth to do.

Obviously I don’t know if it is going to make me money. But, I think, I have already got my money’s worth: I got a glimpse into the murky world of the behind the scene of online advertising… priceless.

So, that is where the money goes, and that is why there are hardly any results from advertising… how interesting.

And that is what people who have no skills, no profession, no patience, no vision do for money online.

You really can’t know where any step takes you, what you are going to learn, what you are going to gain..

But unless you get off the beaten path, you’ll never know anything other than what got you where you are… Like it? good. Don’t like it?

Take steps that don’t make sense…

fork-in-the-roadLike some people who have no idea what they are getting themselves into when they pay me $2 to check if they have any attachments

Like Ruth from New Mexico… and hundreds of others… They never checked, they’d never seen anything like this… lol.

Most of you got here exactly the same way.

Referral is very rare on my site. People, you, can’t explain what you are getting… no words fit… you are afraid people will laugh at you… and they may… or maybe you are just so special, that you are afraid that they can’t hear what you are saying from the dizzying heights of your consciousness… lol. I meant this to be funny… painful and funny.

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