One method to force your new capacities work for you

OB-PH996_JOBSQU_F_20110824193502It seems that one method of making the newly activated capacities real has been found.

As you know, having activated DNA capacities is nice, but unless you need it, they won’t do anything. They will be like lights that are on in streets that no one passes.

The methods I am looking for are methods that make you go into those streets, so you use the light and find ways to be different, do different, have different results, different reactions, different feelings.

The issue with comfortable and somewhat successful people (you) has been is that ego won’t allow you to take risks unless you trick it. I mean: trick the ego. Sweet-talk is great, but won’t help much in this case, I have tried.

So, the method I have zeroed in with the client who inherited his father’s company is this:

Oh… before I say what it is, please know, that I activated an odd twenty capacities, including the capacities needed for his soul correction, which is Building Bridges, inward and outward. The capacity to be able to see exactly where he is at. Because unless you get the beingness right, the doing will be way off… and so will your results.

So trying this method with less capacities will probably give you different results.

OK, the method:

Step one: find a public figure (public figure, so I can help you. your uncle may be the ideal person, but I don’t know him, and it is tricky to guide you if I have no idea what you are up against.)

The public figure has to have accomplished what you are up against in your current challenge.



steve-jobs-6_1980157aOur guy picked Steve Jobs.

OK, here is another sticky point: you need to have defined a challenge for yourself, something you are willing to go into extraordinary measures to win.

That condition suddenly got rid of 99% of you… because comfort has made you complacent, and ambition-free.

But 1% is still a hefty number, so I’ll continue.

In our guy’s case, he was thrown into deep water, and it’s swim or sink. So he has ego’s support in spade.

Unless you can set up a situation, swim or sink, do or die, you’ll need the capacity to see with your whole self the consequences of a life you are wasting…

The capacity of The Sight sounds so innocuous, so innocent, so harmless… but it has its depth: you’ll start seeing the cost of your cowardice, the cost of your complacency, cynicism, resignation.

Our guy doesn’t have The Sight yet, but he has the situation.

So he was able to climb step two: the behavior our guy says is missing for him is leadership. So the question was: how did he lead so the results were spectacular? What did you do?

The guy’s answer to that question immediately threw up three missing capacities. He will be more than willing to pay for them, or he’ll lose out…

I will activate those capacities, and then we’ll continue going deeper, and get the actions Steve Jobs did into his company….

Simple, lots of moving parts… supported by DNA capacities.

Expensive? Not as expensive as a life completely wasted. And definitely not expensive if he becomes successful… right?

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