As promised: what is vibration? What does the vibration number measure?

earthquake ready structure higher vibrationI promised in my email… and here it is: my current understanding of the vibrational number

Dr. David Hawkins, whose vibrational or consciousness table I have been using to explain what the numbers I give you when I measure your vibration, thought that your emotional state correlates closely and well with your level of consciousness.

Instead of arguing that… what is there to argue?

You feel the way you feel.

On the other hand, if you look at those emotional states, it could be said that they hide, hide well, beingness states.

Beingness states have nothing to do with feelings, they are levels from where you look at the world… Everything you see, everything you feel, everything you do, comes from a beingness state.

I have said before that you won’t have beingness until you cross the border of human/human being.

Although what I said is true, it can be interpreted, from the side of human, as b.s. especially now that I am activating beingness capacities in your DNA

What does it mean HAVING a beingness state? Being in a state?

Having is a capacity. Having means allowing to be, without the constant need to fix it, change it, brag about it, write home about it…

Just like you can’t leave a zit alone on your nose, you have to do something with it, “having” feels unnatural in the world of the human doing machine.

When I tell you that what you did was stupid… can you leave it alone? Can you take it? I know you can’t… the emotional upheaval inside gives you away: you can’t take it. You can’t “have” it: I did something to you (told you something about what you did) and allowing it to would mean to you that it doesn’t mean anyhing about you, about me, about it. You can’t do it, can you?

OK… so back to the levels of consciousness…

Beingness, beings that you have, maybe beings that you can even cause for yourself, become available as more and more capacities get activated and made real by using them.

Activating is an energetic turning on a switch. Realizing is through using a capacity.

It’s relatively easy for me to turn on a capacity. Even when there is resistance on the many levels of a human in you… But for you to actually go out of your way, change what you do and how you do it, is anything but easy. I know, I have been doing it for 30 years.

Also there is a certain hierarchy of these capacities: until one turns on and is used, a group of capacities just sits there…

I am anything but clear how the capacities build on each other… I have been able to accidentally turn on something that was needed for other capacities… and then it all started to work, accidentally… I haven’t been able to “see” how they build on each other.

lots of joints... flexibel structureAnd it is also possible that there is a co-dependency between capacities: turning on courage before you get self-trust may not cause courage to actually be active in your life. And without humility you won’t allow anything to work I do… because you need humility to allow new things to come in.

I have picked these same capacities to activate on free webinars, strategically picked, so you can experience more of life, and make changes more readily, be able to learn new things, etc.

As I intuited in my article four years ago, vibration is the highest frequency of a structure (you) at which it doesn’t break. I said it differently, but I meant the same as today.

If you have a structure that has 160 joints that are rigid, that is one vibration.

If you have a structure with all 160 joints flexible and fluid, that is another vibration.

The joints are the DNA capacities, and there are degrees of flexibility even after the capacity is turned on. It can be fully functional… or partially…

Body workers often have a keener sense of what’s going on in their bodies. This is what a body worker wrote to me this morning:

I feel differences from the activations you’ve already done. Calmer, more patience, mind less overactive, not incessantly thinking, ruminating. And seeing more. I feel that even though I only got flexibility halfway in I am benefiting from it. I can literally feel that my insides are less tight. Not totally relaxed (it’s only half way in) but very enlightening how much the body condition really is linked with these capacities. Makes sense.

i will be very interested to see how courage affects the physiology.

As you can see, what she is experiencing is actually a bigger capacity to have, to hold, to be with, to allow. Bigger capacity, not full capacity. “Having” is a capacity, that was, by virtue of the other 10 capacities I activated for her in the past two weeks, opened somewhat… not even halfway. She feels it is the capacity of flexibility, but it isn’t. It’s the capacity of having that made it all possible.

Now, what would happen if I fully opened the capacity? Would she be able to be with any feeling, any circumstance, any adversity? Probably not. She has 50 capacities functioning, and there are another 110 capacities where the “structure” of this body worker is still rigid and holding onto stuff.

earthquake-safe-structureMost people I know pretend that they have high vibration… but they cannot be with the reading I give them. They bristle, they huff and puff, leave, argue… all signs of no ability to be with, no ability to have… bad news in their case. They are fragile.

So, if I wanted to have just one measure of vibration, just one, visible to everyone, it would be your ability to stay aloof, well, flexible, and unmoved to do anything in the presence of bad news, bad feelings, insults, accusations, etc.

I have observed myself huffing and puffing by people’s lack of courage, lack of compassion, lack of sight, in the wake of the events in France.

To the degree it bothered me, to the degree I have fixed, inflexible joints in the structure I call me.

You may be bothered by other things, but you are bothered… Or asleep. As good as dead.

The more capacities will be active in you the less you’ll be bothered.

And that is a lot of work… Although I have almost all capacities activated, I still have 30 I am not using… so they are still fixed… that’s the reason of me being bothered… and ineffective… lol.

So let me get back to how I started: David Hawkins’ consciousness map: David Hawkins made his map by observation and by his mind.

David Hawkins, in spite of what he says about himself, is not a fully realized human… He has 50 capacities activated of the 160 in the DNA, and he uses 40 of them.

The reason he is a relatively high vibration person is that number 40… Most people walk around with 20… maybe 30, rarely 40 capacities realized in their life.

People use and realize only as many capacities as they need… and most people settle for a repetitive, unchallenging life…

And that is MY challenge: to move you out of your comfort zone into the discomfort zone…

Some of the capacities make that easier… like The Sight… because with The Sight you do see that there is no real life inside comfort… that comfortable is not a life worth living.

The Sight wakes up the spirit inside you.

Next question I’ll look into: what do the activators do? The avatar state activators especially… Or the second phase, or the Unconditional Love Activator? What do they do, inside this interpretation of vibration?

Stay tuned…

PS: Can you see how having been an architect and a structural engineer is serving me in this work now? Amazing…

mikado-reed-sticks-507x380PPS: why is the reed flexible? because of the flexible joints that connect its parts. It’s a great analogy for the DNA and its flexible, activated joints.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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2 thoughts on “As promised: what is vibration? What does the vibration number measure?”

  1. Thank you for explaining this more. Once again,impressed with the synchronicity. Maybe I am getting some insights from you in some way before you write about them.
    Last night, as I was giving someone a massage it occurred to me that some capacities are like properties necessary for building a functioning structure. when I woke up I had the sense that fluidity and adherence were also capacities that were important.

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