Is the “law” of attraction a useful tool to get what you want?

law of attraction people low vibrationPeople mostly want money. And almost as many people want love. It is all desire to receive for the self alone. Greed.

You want what you want and how you want it on the vibrational level where you are.

Vibrational level, roughly, means: how many and which capacities of the 160 DNA capacities you use in your life.

Most people who are interested in the law of attraction racket are people who have 10-20 capacities of the 160 activated, but only use 10 of those 20.

That should tell you something: you live in a tiny box, self-imposed, and hope in a miracle. Read articles on the law of attraction hoping that you’ll be able to manipulate your mood to attract what you want…

Not going to work…

You are lazy, cowardly, with an avoiding nature. You know little, mostly things not worth knowing. You are not often willing to do anything new, and then you do it poorly.

You consider praying asking for what you want. You consider love gushing or throwing kisses. You hope that something or someone will do something for you, because you surely won’t… because you can’t.

what-screws-us-up-most-in-lifeNow, it is true that you have ten capacities that you could activate, but it would mean facing how small, how stunted, how unnatural you are… so it is not very likely you’ll do that unpleasant work. Just ask K… how unpleasant it is.

Companies and teachers, the whole Transformational Council scammers’ organization specialize in fleecing you and your kind…

Having ten active capacities allows you to earn wages, drive, clean, operate machinery… you want more, but you know you don’t have much going for you, so your only hope for something better is miracles…

I had a client who had nine capacities active. I had not hopes for his rising, but he kept on coming back. Nothing made a difference, until… suddenly, he found himself in a predicament where the only way he could hold on the windfall he received if he grew into the person who can have and maybe even grow that windfall.

He started to use a 10th capacity, and I feel that he is opening up, every day, to see more.. to see himself, to see others, to see the future…

Now, this is the way most people go about making their capacities real: some circumstance makes them need them. The capacities are on… so they can be used.

But the chances that life will throw a circumstance on you that will force you to grow is very slim.

Another client/student came to me. At the time she used 14 of her capacities. 14 out of her activated 17 capacities.

She was having a hard time, but she stuck with it. She did every course I gave. She did work for me. She earned my friendship, extra conversations.

She is now using 40 capacities… and has 130 capacities active. The first, second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth phase activators opened up most of them.

It is not how many capacities you have that gives you the quality of your life, it is how many you are actually using.

She chose challenging herself. In the beginning it was really horrible for her, but she stuck with it. Then, at a certain point, she heard a statement that she could adopt, and make her battle cry: “If it is to be, it is up to me!”

Her growth has been unbroken since then.

She stopped waiting for anything… if it is needed… no problem. She’ll get it done…

The opposite of the Law of Attraction people…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

6 thoughts on “Is the “law” of attraction a useful tool to get what you want?”

  1. … because: she CAN.
    This “I can”, I added to my ‘toolbox, it isn’t always smooth and linear but it works…

  2. I enjoy reading these conversations: I sometimes cannot map what I could be doing or how to do it until I see it done by someone else.

  3. I am sorry Dorothy… this is not the first time… what are you talking about? Consider that when I or others read your comment, unless you tell them/me the whole story, you sound like a moron… And if life is not going as well as you hoped it would, consider that no one reads your mind, they only hear/read what you say/write… and that could be all that is missing for you to turn your life into success.

    Getting out of your own head and into the head of someone who listens… the capacity is called bilocation, and you don’t even know you are missing it. It’s missing that it’s missing.

  4. I apologize for not putting it in context. I had felt inspired by reading the recent conversation between you and Matsa on new way of life not being smooth and linear, but I did not provide the background.

    (I also think probably should not have commented at all, but I am going through my own ‘stupid’ phase..)

  5. it’s ok, as long as you take coaching and learn from it. if you can wing it, have the capacity of bilocation activated… although the sight should have been enough, if you used it…

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