Can you feel energy? I mean you, personally… Different energies?

benders bend energies... in a certain spectrum. avatars bend all the spectrumsWhen I put the word “energy” into the search box on google, most listings are about electricity, and the rest are about woo woo sites.

People still don’t understand energy. Why? Because our receptors for energy are not differentiated enough, and not connected to the conscious mind enough for us to have more words… and without words there is no understanding. 1

I have always been weather sensitive. You know those insufferable people that know what weather is coming, where the wind is coming from, the pressure and the magnetism, and don’t stop talking about it.

I didn’t talk about it, but that’s it. The rest has always been true to me. I’ve felt it, I’ve known it. Insufferable for myself… lol.

And I paid attention, so I wasn’t merely an “I am suffering” type of insufferable, suffering from the bad feelings that others could not believe I was feeling.

If I can feel it, you can feel it, but you have no distinctions, the building blocks of perceived reality, and I do.

Life moves towards more differentiation, more richness… and if my observation is accurate, humans are moving towards undifferentiation. They replace their senses with the weather forecast, with overheated houses, with insulated windows, with other people feeling for them.

For you, everything is the same as everything else. No distinctions.

Now, why am I bringing this up… again? lol

energy-from-handBecause I am reading Eric Pearl’s book, The Reconnection. That’s why.

By the way: You could have the same richness of distinctions in the area of truth, lies, exaggeration, rich imagination, etc. as in any other area, 256 shades of gray, colors, emotions, numbers, tunes…

When I read a book or an article, I read through the distinctions of value levels, intrinsic and extrinsic… not the systemic, two-prong level, on-off switch, like you do, when you judge.

I can appreciate the beauty of a lie. I can dig for gold in a lie. I can learn from a charlatan.

Why? Because my capacity of appreciation is activated, and I use it to the hilt…

And that is not what I wanted to talk about… lol.

What I wanted to talk about is energies… (don’t enjoy taking detours with me? we are not a good match… you may want to leave this site, while you are not hating me, yet.)

Eric Pearl talks about energies in his book. He teaches energies. He heals. He is famous. Talk shows galore.

Now, I don’t know if what he does heals or not. I have never experienced his energy from him, I will call the energy The Pearl, he calls it the Reconnective energy… sales talk… I’ll just ignore that name because I don’t want him to tell me what to feel.vibrations-in-hand

energy ballSo, at some point he says that, the energy was activated in my palms just for reading the book, the book that is well written, by the way.

So I check, and, of course, there is energy in my palm. There is energy in everyone’s palm. It is called Chi… Physical Chi.

You can feel it, anyone can feel it. It is warm, it is soothing, it is slightly energizing, nice.

But then I ask the question: is this energy I am feeling in my palm the same as Eric Perl’s energy? And the answer is, of course, no.

And even people who personally “trained” with Pearl have a different energy, just like Mr.T’s students do not replicate Mr.T’s signature energy… they all have a different one.

You cannot give an energy to another. Why? I don’t know. But Source can, if you have a relationship with it.

So then I did the totally immoral thing: I asked Source for a duplicate of The Pearl. I felt scared, but what the heck.

Then I promptly bundled it into the Big Bundle… It belongs there… lol

But yet, as I am writing this article, I feel a distinct energy in my palms, and it is not anything I have known, it has a mind of its own, wanting to do things. Jerking my hands? Hey buddy, I am typing… wait for your turn… lol.

The energy I call down to open a DNA capacity doesn’t change with the capacity it is to open, unlock, activate… I watch. It is like a hand that can choose any switch on a switchboard… the effect of the activation is felt after the flipping happens.

This is all I wanted to write… expect for one thing: Energies don’t heal the body or an illness. Energies heal you… Now, just for that saying it has been worth reading this book. Profound. And puzzling… what is me… right?

And there was one other saying in the book: that unless you can feel, you are cut of from reality. I can see it, but I didn’t know that it’s the truth, meaning The Truth… but let’s face it: what the eyes see, what the ears hear are all surface.

But the feelings can penetrate the 99% of reality, the invisible part, that is the most important, that carries everything you ever wanted.

And yet you are looking for those things you want in the 1%… and in the mind.

Energies are the threads through which you can penetrate the 99%, where all power comes from.

When I turn on, when I activate your DNA capacities that never activated before, I turn on your power to feel certain energies. Now, that doesn’t sound so good, does it? After all in your world feeling means: happy, sore, afraid, anxious, guilty, etc.

But that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about adding lots of cards to your card-hand, so you can win more often, and faster. I am turning of your ability to be in sync, be in harmony, in that spectrum, with All-of-it. So the ineffective disconnected human becomes a more harmonious entity… in harmony with Life.

Feeling of and energy doesn’t have to be conscious. But it helps if it is precise… so you don’t misunderstand its guidance. The capacity of being discerning, of being astute is very helpful.

People who have more capacities turned on, experience life as smoother, less chunky, less jerky, less like a rat race.

I’ll ask permission to publish some of the feedback I am getting.

It’s all energies. You are either a rock… no dance, or you are a reed, dance galore… And anything in between.

I like dance. I choose dance.

This Saturday and Sunday I’ll turn on three capacities for you on a webinar… if you show up. You have to become a subscriber to sign up. And get emails from me… Hey, everything has a price… lol.

It’s fun, but be prepared that it takes time. I do people individually. It is not a mass activation. I have tried that, and it didn’t work. Schedule two hours.

But you’ll learn a lot by listening to what I say while I am doing it… learn about what can be in the way of actually using the capacities. But, beware, if you are on the call and I can’t see you, I won’t activate capacities for you. And unless you are already almost up there… you won’t get any capacities turned on yourself. I have to see you, connect to you, and blast your switch-board-like DNA tree.

If you have the capacities already, The Sight, Humility, and Courage, you are still welcome to join. You make the energies stronger with your presence.

And Next weekend, I think I’ll turn on appreciation… the results of that capacity have been dramatic to say the least. I want you to have it.

The signup form allows you to sign up to all available sessions… including next week’s sessions.

PS: I do my work through using my own body as proxy… I don’t use my hands, even though it’s fun. I merge with the other person, you, and then do the work on my body… That’s why I can do the work remotely, and I don’t need to use attachments to channel the energy to you. Every other remote healing modality does… and then I have to remove your attachments so you can be unburdened and well. Grrr.


  1. Some people, example are the crime lab in Criminal Minds, have machines to connect between energy and our senses… spectrometer (an apparatus used for recording and measuring spectra, especially as a method of analysis.) where spectra/spectrum means: a band of colors, as seen in a rainbow, produced by separation of the components of light by their different degrees of refraction according to wavelength. Here, energy is translated to what the human mind can perceive and demonstrate: colors of light… But everything is spectrum, i.e. energy, measurable, and precise

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