What can my recent anger teach you?


I have said before: What you see is the most important element in your life. In this article you’ll see, that what you see is also directed by where you are looking… You can look at one thing or you can look at another ting… and your actions will be sharply different. 1

So read this article with that in mind: it will make it more valuable to you.

I have been angry for the past few days.

It is a familiar place where I’ve gone before: I started to pay attention to the results, good or bad, instead of paying attention to something I can control, something that belongs to me.

The results are not up to you. Really.

All you can do is all you can do, and all you can do is enough…

Actions, the doing, comes from the beingness… Beingness comes from within… from consciousness.

The doing, the actions cause something… whatever the results may be, and that is the having…

You’ll have the results.

We tend to get angry about the results… as if the world owed us the results we had in mind.

But the truth is, that even the best actions don’t produce the results that you had in mind, unless you are the only person in the game. No partners, no customers, no family… just you.

But most “games” have more players than just yourself… and you have no control over other people.

In my case, I can have the most brilliant and well executed plan, I can come from generosity, respect, acceptance… but it all won’t matter much if the results are up to you.

butterfly quoteAnd, of course, that is the story of my life… your results are your results, and they fall short of my dreams…

So, what is there to do? Instead of getting angry… no one is winning when I do that… I need to return to what I am doing, and have a lot of room, a lot of compassion for you…

Luckily I can straighten myself out tomorrow, during my Sunday call with a friend… and return to my sunshiny, easy going self…

So, if I have yelled at you in the past few days… please forgive me. Result orientedness got the best of me…

You can see that the mainstream teaches you to focus on what will make you, me miserable. The results. And miserable we are, unless we manage to shift our attention to what is totally up to us… where fulfillment, satisfaction, feeling good about what we are doing lies.

The beingness and the doingness that comes from it.

The DNA capacities, the abilities I activate are all states of being… the kind that needs to underlie the actions if you are interested in a life worth living…

If your vibration is too low… I am sorry to break it to you, you won’t get access to states of being… because the ego turns the capacities off within a few hours or a few days… because it is not ready.

At least this has been my experience. Especially if the ego is interested in the results without having to change, without having to work for it.

Suggestion: make sure you are one of those that get at least one being… and then master it. One being mastered can be the starting point of a life lived on higher vibration.

Without beingness you are going to stay around 100… which is not fun, as you know.

What keeps you there? Your unwillingness to look, your unwillingness to learn, your unwillingness to take responsibility for who you are.

This article could go a long way in discovering what it is that you didn’t know. That if you now learned it and look through its lense, you’ll see what’s been missing all along.

When life isn’t working for you, there is something you don’t know…

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  1. For completeness sake, where you are looking from is also an important factor… where the “where” is not a place, it’s an attitude, expectation, or an already knowing. If this made no sense… it is new to you. Ask me to write an article about that. But here is an example for already knowing: “Carlos never listens to me…” it is from where you are looking…

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