DNA capacities… how many should you get activated?

will you fall or will you fly?This question is coming up with increasing frequency.

You should ONLY activate a capacity if and when you need it, when you have a use for it, and it’s missing. Otherwise you won’t know what to do with it, and won’t use it.

Ego will declare it a ballast… and turn it off.

What is the most important ingredient that you need to grow and need new capacities turned on?

It’s ambition.

Ambition is an inner force that propels you towards growth, upwards, onwards. It only has direction, and not a goal. If you have a goal, it is not ambition, it is desire… aka greed. All ego. Wanting to have.

Ambition propels you towards doing and being… Ambition is what makes the little chicks to learn flying… They want to fly.

Ambition is the fuel of evolution… the desire to be more, to do more… the desire to receive for the sake of sharing… Life.

Greed is the fuel of ego, the fuel of desire to receive for the self alone… Evil, Death.

When you have enough ambition, it will activate capacities, or if you got them turned on, it will keep them on and working.

Greed is for getting something for nothing, greed is to have…




Dancing-with-BirdsAmbition is to do and be…

Everyone has ambition… suppressed. Greed suppresses ambition.

Greed shows up as goal. It shows up as agenda. It shows up as wanting to be liked, well thought of. Social position. Fame, privilege… things to have… at other people’s expense.

Ambition gets your hands dirty and your heart to soar.

Greed kills life. Grass doesn’t grow where you walk.

You should only get capacities that support your ambition… If you are ruled by greed… you should not get any.

There is no capacity to turn on for your ambition to turn on or your greed to turn off… It is a job between you and you. No one can do it for you.

Hoarding capacities is avarice.

Beware, you’ve been warned.

And, by the way, I can guarantee that if and when I turn on a capacity, it is turned on when I said I turned it on. No guarantees that it will stay turned on. That is entirely up to you.

No refunds, and no re-activation… you asked for a capacity you don’t need to do what you do in your life. If and when you start needing the capacity, you can contact me and sell me on your need for it… Sell me. You heard that right.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

7 thoughts on “DNA capacities… how many should you get activated?”

  1. Mam i would like to ask
    What is the greater pupose of our existence ?
    Apart from our soul purpose
    Why to progress ? And who defines it as a progess , when everything is relative .
    I mean a person is a stupid only when someone is smart .

    Some of the concepts say that we are ourselfs god so why is a god wondering ?

  2. Life is empty and meaningless… except what meaning you put into it. Which means: existence has no purpose.

    But Life itself has a purpose for itself: it is its nature: it wants more life. And you are a vehicle to that, so life can create more and more evolved life.

    Humans have been a dead end: they are unwilling to evolve. So one could sat that the current humanity is working against Life.

    You are either in harmony with that which animates you or disharmony. My work is to cause harmony and to allow you to evolve to the next level of humanity.

    I don’t believe in any god concept. And stupid: not true. even animals know when their action was stupid… no comparison. Stupid as the stupid does… stupid is what moves you away from life and growth.

    The current level of humanity is the level of stupid.

  3. Thanks for the reply

    But why to progress ?
    Its only comparative

    A poor child loves playing in the sun and a rich child gets sad just because his latest ipad has delayed in delivery .

    Happiness is very comaparative . And just the awareness of this concept makes a person “ sum” i.e. not get carried away with emotions

    I am very satisfied with my life and when i see someone better than me ( thats also my interpretation) i get dissatisfied . But the awareness calms me down that everything is comparative .

    And why happiness is what we need ? Do we not need to feel sadnedd so that we can feel happiness again .
    Is it not like when we eat something sweet and then drink a sweetened tea , its tastes tasteless .

    In some part of my life , i was feeling very fulfilled and happy and aftersome time i felt as if that feeling was boring . I wanted to have ups and down in my life .

    Does the mind not know this and thats the reason we manifest all the miseries in our life , so that we can experience the sweetness again ?

  4. Mam you said that the current level of humanity is “stupid”
    I dont understand how can we say that
    Stupid compaired to what ?
    What and who will decide this . Possibilities can be endless .
    I sometimes think who and why anyone says that animals are LOW frequency.

    Why are humans giving them self certificate that they are the best on this earth ?

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