The quality of your life, whether you grow or not, will depend on…

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size-project-size-life2The quality of your life, whether you grow or not will depend on the quality of the projects you work on… not plan, not dream about, but work on.

“If you want to live a middle-class life, solve a middle-class problem. If you want to live a world-class life, solve a world-class problem.” -Steve Siebold, CSP

In terms of what we do here, middle class in the quote means low vibration… world-class means expanding.

When you look at your life, you can tell (unless you are lying to yourself) what kind of projects you are working on.

You use your life for your projects… and if your biggest project is shopping and cooking for Thanksgiving… well, that is the size of your life.

Your projects are either about you, or about something bigger than you.

When it is just about you, or your “loved” ones… you are probably consumed by greed, the desire to receive for the self alone.

No amount of lying will change that.

What is the missing piece so you could actually get excited about something that is NOT just yours, something that builds something bigger than just what YOU desire to make yourself bigger, better looking, healthier, richer, more famous?

I called it ambition in a couple of articles, but the capacity is actually called Life Force… it is like a sliding switch: you always have at least a little… but to be able to be interested in something beyond yourself, you need a lot of Life Force.

Especially to overcome the desire to receive for the self alone.

Most of you can’t even see it. Most of you think that playing audios, or coming to webinars is doing the work.

But you are lying to yourself and to me.

The work is NOT done by any of the energies, it is done by you.

Cowardice is ego… and therefore it is desire to receive for the self alone.
Lying is ego
Pretending is ego
Saying bombastic stuff is ego

All ego cares about is your survival… all ego desire is desire to receive for the self alone.

It doesn’t matter what area of life you are working, you can do the same thing with only you in mind, or with the bigger picture in mind.

I do everything from a bigger picture… I have found out today that I have saved my “ass” by going for desire to receive for the sake of sharing… because I have been undeserving.

When you are undeserving, either because you were told, or you made it up, your projects that are for you, cannot succeed.

When my mother said whatever she said when I was three and a half years old, what she, in essence said, that I didn’t deserve… anything, including to be alive, the space I occupied, the clothes I was wearing, the food I was putting in my mouth.

Did she actually say that? No. I interpreted what she said as that.

Today, when I got a sizable donation, I noticed the discomfort receiving was causing.

I looked and I caught a glimpse of its corner… OMG, I don’t deserve it. I am not deserving.

I looked to see if there was an inactive DNA capacity there… and lo and behold, yes. Being deserving is a capacity. I quickly turned it on.

This was a few hours ago. I have already noticed subtle differences. Especially about food… Would you believe me that I wasn’t allowed to eat food I enjoyed? Or walk while the sun was out?

Capacities are best turned on when you are absolutely and positively ready to work them.

We talked about generosity the other day, where the recipient is more generous than the giver, because to receive, one shares the pleasure of receiving with the giver… ie. pure desire to receive for the sake of sharing.

Receiving is sharing… I have been a poor, stingy, occasionally nasty receiver.

It ends here… I’ll stop blocking the Light for everyone.

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