The Dark Side suggestion that love heals the world

the illusion that love heals the worldThere are many approaches to fix a problem, but all fixes are more harmful than the original problem.

Why? Because fix come from the same level of consciousness as the problem… and ultimately that kind of solution: a fix, is the root of the next problem. Like marriage: a fix for loneliness, and the start of more and bigger problems… yet it doesn’t stop loneliness… (Marriage is two people combining efforts to solve problems that would not exist without the marriage…)

Instead of dealing with what frightens you today, what you want to get rid of so you can live your puny little life, let’s go back to a time and situation where you weren’t even born, and it probably didn’t effect you much.


You look at it and you can’t imagine why I would bring it up… that signals a lack of ability to see under the hood…

The time we’ll go back to examine is the rise of the Third Reich… Hitler’s Nazi Germany.

What do we have there? A country, arbitrary, but a country that many or most of the people are the decedents of the warring tribes of Saxons, and others… I don’t want to look it up, but if you force me I will.

The culture is: We are the best and we prove it by killing you, trampling over you, because we are superior. I despise you…

It’s different from Genghis Khan’s horde’s culture: We have to move because our animals need new grazing ground. We have to steal your women to mix the blood.

OK, you see that the country where the capacities consistent with peaceful coexistence, or seeing the person in the other, or sharing, or caring are not turned on and are not missing… the culture doesn’t need it. It is fine with what it has turned on. Killing, hating, superior strength, stamina, devotion, obedience, cruelty, never questioning an order, marching into death unimpeded by doubt.

How do you stop a monster that doesn’t see the person in you? That doesn’t look twice, that doesn’t give a second thought about your life, about your children?

You see, you can’t kill it. It will rise unless you erase it… you see that this fix doesn’t see that they are also people… the fix is on the same level or consciousness as the problem.

I remember being on that level and fantasizing about putting something in the water that makes men become sterile… definitely on the same level of consciousness.

Avaaz, an organization for causes, suggests that we embrace each other and declare ourselves undivided, including the Muslums of our country… the Muslums of the world against the Islamic State that is growing and has declared holy war on all of us. It’s either death or enslavement for you…

Avaaz’s fix…

It sounds like Avaaz’s fix is a solution that comes from a higher consciousness than the problem, but it is just appearance. 2

When you embrace someone: do you care? do you feel one? would you go to bat for them? Is loving the other for themselves really available to you?

It depends. It depends whether the DNA capacity of caring, seeing a person as yourself, feeling their pain as yours is turned on or not. Whether your vibration is above 540. At this point in time there are seven (7) people on the planet with a vibration/consciousness higher than 540. Surely not all the millions Avaaz is addressing.

Pretending to care, signing petitions, posting in social media comes from the same consciousness where you are, not higher, than the threat’s consciousness. Don’t get offended! ISIS ideology actually clocks higher than some of the people whose vibration I measured this past week! It’s 100… and some of you have a vibration/consciousness of 70.

Doing actions without the state of being where it is “indigenous” is pretense. Acting caring without caring is pretense.

One of the benefits I have over you is that I can see it, in you, and in myself.

I have done to others uncaring, unloving gestures. If I didn’t know that I was incapable to care or to love, I would live in guilt, and there would be a gulf, a deep and wide gulf between who I really am, and who I could be… I would have to pretend.

The benefit you have over all the billions that don’t know me, is that you can know what I know, if you listen.

You are only capable to do actions, authentically, if the capacity, the state of being where that action is at home and natural, is turned on for you.

America is a melting pot, we have all come from different cultures with different DNA capacities turned on… there is nothing similar, really, between you and your next door neighbor.

And if you don’t see similarity, you can’t relate.

One of my students has my soul correction, Forget Thyself. I haven’t been able to relate to him much: he felt as different as an alien. But this morning he sent me a story (part of his homework to me) and the story read like it could have been mine.

Suddenly I saw the similarity, and I could find myself in him… big deal.

So the way I see the conundrum, the issue to be disappeared or ameliorated is this:

Start turning on dormant DNA capacities for the masses…

With the current track record, that the ego turns off 60% of those freshly activated capacities, it is a lot of work, but it’s worth it.

Even back four years ago, when I did mass activation, for a couple of weeks the effects were tangible.

The mind chatter almost disappeared in whole countries, and there was inner light.

I thought that the fact that there were no observable lasting results, meant that I failed. I even had guilt and shame.

But with the experiments I have been doing, I am starting to see that no work is wasted. Even when a capacity was only on for a day, the light was turned on for a day.

And you see, what your consciousness saw cannot be unseen. You are not the same, you cannot go back to exactly where you were. You’ve seen glimpses of the reality that has been invisible for you.

The possiblility seen once doesn’t go away

I remember my deaf and blind friend and client. We were sitting in a classroom. She was sitting in front of me, so I can keep an eye on him, whisper into her Cochlear hearing device, so she can keep up with the class. In one session I felt she wasn’t present at all. In the break she reported to me, excited, that she saw her handbag at the edge of her eye, from the corner of her eye. Her handbag and the floor. And when she touched the handbag, she saw her hand.

Then it went away. But the possibility of seeing didn’t.

Seeing in the flash of light an activation does is the same. You’ll know you saw something.

So, how are we going about it?

I have found three people who are the decedents of Genghis Khan. One of them is turned on, excited, and grateful. One of them is working, well, on her own issues. And the third is sitting with the knowledge that she is undeserving because she is a horrible person.

Big discrepancies… big differences… the perfect setup.

Why? Because as I am going to activate capacities, they are going to operate from the new level of consciousness, and I will SEE the differences disappear.

Excellent, because of the unmistakable feedback.

Through these three individuals, I am hoping to raise the level of consciousness of humanity, where ISIS cannot be, because from the higher consciousness, it is obvious that it’s outdated, and mistaken.

And the unbridgeable differences will start to melt away… and a new humanity will emerge.

How fast? No idea. Not fast, I think.

Your job? Raise your own consciousness by asking for missing capacities.

Some I will activate on free webinars. I have activated self-trust, humility and courage for some 25 people. And in the coming weekend I’ll activate appreciation: the ability to see value where you now only see what you don’t like: in people and things.

These free webinars are the best feedback for me, so I’ll continue them as long as people show up.

What is surprising is that out of 1200 people who say they follow my work, only 25 show up.

People want to stay the same, but want to have what is unattainable with their current level of consciousness. I find it dumb and curious.

But through ancestry, we’ll get to everyone… I hope.

You have to be on my mailing list to register in the DNA capacity webinar. If you have infectious attachments, I’ll remove them, no charge, before the webinar begins… I don’t want you to come an infect everyone.

Happy Thanksgiving to those that celebrate. I don’t… who would want to dine with a bunch of people I have nothing in common with… not me.

PS: I have found two solutions (fixes) that I like, in spite of the fact that they only postpone a real solution… the Slingshot and the Shoe that grows At least they don’t create problems. But the consciousness stays the same… so the problem remains…

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  1. here is the link to their appeal again
  2. here is the link to their appeal again

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