What is appreciation? Is it limited to what you like?

appreciation is the ticket to heaven on earthWhat do I like about leading webinars?

Unlike other people, I don’t speak from what I know, I don’t speak from my mind.

Why this is something to like? Because every time I speak I surprise myself. I listen to what I am saying, and I am amazed, and often confronted.

Today the concept of appreciation was discussed: that “culture” makes you believe that appreciation is talking about things you like… but it is a lie.

Just like in mathematics every number has a value, zero, five, minus 15.

Appreciation is simply giving something a matching value.

Things you don’t like may have a negative number value, but have value nevertheless.

Now, with that controversial thing said: it is my job to actually live like what I said is useful, and have integrity between what I said and what I do.

My job is cut out for me: I started to watch an Australian series yesterday… and it is not looking good… killings, violence, divide and conquer.

I don’t want to watch it. I don’t think I can watch it and be well.

The voice inside says: watch something nice, something you can enjoy…

But having said what I said on the webinar, everything has value, albeit a negative value… I am now on the fence.

“What could I get out of it?” the voice argues… “nothing, just ugly… do something nice to yourself, take a nap, take a bath, watch a nice movie…” lol.

Still on the fence, I am looking. Someone in the movie has an interest to keep unrest, keep the students divided, killing each other, burning each other’s cars…

Did I say it’s a school movie?

I could watch it to get more insight about how people who benefit from chaos are doing it… ISIS, politicians. Divide and conquer has been around as long as humans… It is an effective move: they’ll kill each other, and then you come and take the spoils.

I have compassion for people who want to bury their heads in sand: it is not pleasant, but unless you can stay present in any situation, you are as good as dead meat.

OK, I’ll watch the series… whatever the number value… and appreciate it.

There there… I am asking you to do really hard things… no wonder so many of you turn off the capacity of appreciation.

You want your world to stay divided to things that are good and things that are bad…

Oh well, you can’t say I didn’t try.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

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