High vibration, high achiever people err on the side of judging you more capable than you are.

screenshot_799Teachers, and coaches, who themselves are high vibration and high achievers, I know a few, see you better than you are, and tell you that with a little, or a lot of coaching you can achieve the life you want.

But, unfortunately, we desire things we are not equipped to achieve, or are not willing to move towards.

Why is this?

Because it takes active, working capacities to do things. DNA capacities… capacities that you cannot learn… Capacities are not like knowledge. Capacities are not like skills. Capacities are either open or not open. If they aren’t open, they need to be opened, either by being in a do or die situation, where unless you use a capacity you don’t have, or you die… or by me… at this point I don’t know anyone else who can open a capacity.

There are 160 capacities in the human DNA, and most of them are dormant, inactive, not available to you.

Moreover, you don’t even know they are missing.

Remember the missing item exercises? Where we are trying to activate a capacity that is missing, by lying authentically?

Well, I just realized why I never succeeded in finding freedom (that was my missing item) through it… although I did the exercise over and over… and yet.

Until, by accident, I activated the DNA capacity of freedom, and voila, I saw it in others as well.

Let me say it differently:

If and when you have a missing item, a missing DNA capacity, you know something is missing, but you don’t know what. You also don’t see it in others. You see only what you have, what you are… you do see behavior… but behavior is not capacity. Copying someone’s behavior without the capacities that allow for it, will not get you anything.

Being a winner is a capacity, or at least it’s close to a capacity… Pretending to be a winner is just that: pretending to be a winner. You can dupe some people some of the time, but not all people all or the time. Including yourself.

I can activate, or at least I can download the energy that activates all the capacities. What gets activated doesn’t depend on me, on my actions, or on the energy.

What an organism is willing to accept, what the ego is willing to accept…

I have been experimenting. For example, I have downloaded all the capacities to a person who had 10 capacities active… Another 10 capacities activated instantly. About 30 minutes later I tested, seven new capacities turned off. An hour later all the new capacities were turned off.

And so were all the capacities this person paid for… all turned off.

WTF, right?

On the other hand, another person who also had only 10 capacities active at the beginning of the month, paid for capacities… then I downloaded all the energies to activate all the capacities, and he now has 17 capacities open and active. I can tell, by the way, from his email to me, from his answers to my not so easy questions.

So, what is going on?

For one, people with only a few capacities, but those that did well in school, etc. think that they are a lot more smart than they actually are. A lot…

And then they attempt to do things that they have no chance to succeed at.

But because they think they are smart, they will not allow anything that will prove otherwise… The capacity to see what you know as miniscule, so you can learn is called humility.

Without humility activated, nothing else can be activated. Just a fact of life, that you cannot pour tea in a vessel that is full… Full of crap, mostly.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

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