Does having more capacities raise your vibration too?

presidential-election-2016Superiority… The word comes up a lot in my coaching. Mostly in the context of your soul correction.

But in reality, some things are superior to other things… because all exists on many scales.

On the DNA capacities “scale” someone with 30 capacities is superior to someone who has 29, 20, 10, 7.

I haven’t found anyone with less than seven capacities, though I am sure there are.

So superior is not the issue. Acting superior is the issue.

It attacks people’s egos, the part of a human that makes sure the person survives. And as in any competition, it can get ugly. 1

People tend to cultivate the capacities that they consider an unfair advantage in the competition for survival.

In politics, it is mostly lying convincingly, trashing the other, promising, and such. In many areas that is physical strength.

But it takes street smarts… being able to see what will get you unfair advantage.

When you look at the list of candidates, see the footnote 2 you must be puzzled, appalled, surprised… I was. In fact I had a difficult time getting to sleep last night… I kept muscle testing people late into the night, and looking, puzzling…

Some people make an awful lot of impression with very little…

So, what is a capacity? What are we talking about?

It’s obvious that most people think it’s book smarts… judging from the emails I got. The people who wrote, I muscle tested, had an average of 8 capacities working… by the way. And most of them argued with my findings…

isis3-brawnThey were under the impression that school learning surely will give you more capacities… but they are wrong.

I muscle tested a bunch of medical doctors… Without fail all tested having 20 capacities. 20 out of 160.

I tested a bunch of chiropractors: they had between 13 and 17 capacities working for them.

I tested a lot of marketers. Very successful marketers had 30 capacities going for them. I also found two eminent marketers with 40 capacities.

I have two students who have 40 capacities each… both shine in being self-starters, when it comes to doing things.

So what are the capacities, that can be activated?

My hunch is, so far, that the capacities are the blueprint steps to evolve into a human being… and create heaven on Earth.

Some capacities could be part of what we recognize as intelligence, mental acuity, creativity, abilities to reason, set hierarchy in things, see that cause of things, and such.

And then there are the abilities we don’t recognize because they don’t resonate in a human, and in actuality may drive a human bonkers: like humility, authenticity, integrity, kindness, telling the truth, dignity, self-respect, the abilities that make one not easily duped by the operators…

If you just want to get smarter, make more money, dupe more people, work as little as you can for as much money as you can get, I think having 30 working capacities is wonderfully effective.

And unless, by mistake, fairness, respect, conscience is turned on… you’ll be fine. Not happy, not joyous, but ok.

The risk having me to make you smarter is that I probably turn on capacities that will allow you to see the big picture, and then you cannot just be happy with money…

I used to be really blind and try to explain to people what they didn’t have capacities to comprehend. I was clearly stupid with an IQ of a smart person.

What you can see, what you can clearly see depends on the number of capacities you have.

I am experimenting with a few people, where I turn all capacities on… Some turn on, most don’t… And most don’t stay on… but the “activation” creates an infusion of Light…

I have noticed that character, personality, habitual thinking, world view effect the results tremendously.

Here are the results to date:

  • One person went from having seven capacities to eighteen… dizzying high.
  • One person added three capacities to his seven… now having ten capacities working. I actually noticed it on the phone… amazing.
  • One person added two new capacities to his twenty…
  • Two people didn’t allow any new capacities to be turned on. It seems that unless you make peace with your past, people don’t readily accept new capacities. Both of these people are women. All the other people were men.

So you see, I am working diligently in the background. I also use the webinars where I publicly activate capacities for the attendees, personally, to see what is in the way, how to handle the blockages, who to give up on, and who to give more to.

The goal is to take people to 50 capacities… that seems to be the turning point between human and human being.

From that I see that human being is probably not the highest state for a member of the human genus.

“John Stuart Mill said, ‘The source of everything respectable in man, either as an intellectual or as a moral being, is that his errors are corrigible.’ The whole strength and value of human judgment depends on the one property that it can be set right when it is wrong.’

Given the state of the world, it is highly unlikely that humans will cause their own evolution.

So then it is my job to cause it, energetically, so people can be superior to who they used to be… but not to each other.

For one, being superior gets you killed… because when someone only has seven capacities, they cultivate their brawn…

And in a world where someone with seven working capacities can be candidate to the presidency of the United States…

I declare an emergency.

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  1. Ugly really appeals to the lowest common denominator. They are attracted to the low vibration, low capacity, brawn person… that is the problem in democracy: people who are low vibration, self-serving are elected by the low vibration, self-serving crowds. The same people who were so vocal answering my email with their imminent wisdom knowing what capacities mean, and such.
  2. excerpt from last night’s email: How many of the 160 DNA capacities do you think you have active?

    Hillary Clinton has 7. Her vibration is 100
    Bill Clinton has 30. His vibration is 200
    Jeb Bush has 9 capacities. His vibration is 70
    Ben Carson has 20. His vibration is 120
    Chris Christie has 13 capacities. His vibration is 130
    Donald Trump has 30 capacities. His vibration is 170

    How many do you think YOU have?

    Just curious… lol

    Obviously, capacities measure something other than vibration. Vibration may correlate much better with being capacities, where the desire to receive for the self alone is countered by higher vibration beings, like generosity, allowing, honesty, authenticity, etc.

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