Cro-Magnon, Neanderthal, minorities, women… what do all those have to do with DNA activation?

NeanderthalGatheringI got to where I am with regards to my knowledge of DNA through reading two books, and a lot of experimenting.

To experiment and come to some result that others haven’t seen, one needs to have a capacity, I will call “estimating” and have it in spades. It made me a lightening fast architect…

Estimating is where you guess, quite correctly, how many jelly beans are in a jar, how many steps in a staircase, where other people made an error in judgment, without knowing what the heck you are talking about.

The two books I read were Laura Knight-Jadczyk’s (7 capacities active) drivel on celestial bodies and religion… where she says that Neanderthal was an evil branch of humanity.

Like with most things that titillate, it’s the polar opposite of what is true.


Cro1Neanderthals had more capacities (8 capacities), were higher vibration, than the Cro-Magnon (4 capacities) branch… The Cro-Magnon were like politicians: they won with force, the survival of the less evolved.

We live in an age where we want to repeat and repeat and repeat the same thing… listen and cater to the ones’ selfish needs who cannot or will not fend for themselves: the segment of society that has barely any capacities activated, due to their unchallenging life style.

Socialists, communists, democrats use equality as a way to cater to these groups and perpetuate their social status: the ones coddled and supported by society, so they cannot integrate, so hate and envy continues to keep them not evolving.

Call me racist if you want, I am what I am.

I have students who have barely any capacities activated, and despite of what they say, they don’t want to evolve… Why? Because then they will have to earn their way. I don’t mean personally, I mean as a group.

Because what happens if and when a person from the minorities, as a result of some unusual circumstances, elevate themselves, inside, from the slum they come from? Become a self-starter, become an achiever, through sheer determination to hang in there… These behaviors are the fire that forges swords, the pressure that turns coal into diamond. They have capacities, and they are the exception.

The entire community will want to tear them down. Their own community.

Why? Because these exceptional people make them look really bad… and that is bad.

Another group, not racially grouped, but by gender. Women.

Women have 160 capacities encoded in their DNA, just like men.

But historically and culturally, they are not supposed to be capable. If you are capable, no one will want to marry you. No one will want to take care of you.

And unless you are bigger than that, unless you are ready to take on the world, alone, without support, you’ll opt to stay small, at the mercy of a man, and won’t even accept the activations.

I have noticed that unless you already had big ambition before you came to me, you either won’t stay, or you won’t take the activation.

Society’s job, it seems, to lower the vibration of the masses, kill and eliminate the ones that stand out by their excellence, and it takes considerable courage, tact, finesse to both grow and survive.

I live like a hermit… that is my secret.

Women, in general, don’t like that, don’t feel complete without a man to keep them down.

So, what will happen? What CAN happen that is worth looking forward to?

As I am doing a dozen all-capacities activations a day, capacities that are read to turn on, turn on.

Not only for the people I am working on, but for their whole ancestry… including people they are related remotely: blood relatives.

Will it work? Muscle test says yes.
Will it work fast? I don’t know what is fast.

I have been working on another project, and for the past year muscle test says that it’s working. No perceivable change has happened… although when I check numbers, the numbers prove muscle test right.

I may be three feet from gold, and I may be a mile from it. But I know I am going in the right direction… and that I am unstoppable.

When 20 years ago I declared “There is no way I am going to be anything less than magnificent” What I meant, of all the many possible interpretations of magnificent, is that I will alway attempt, diligently, the impossible, or near-impossible.

My history is proof that I have been true to myself.

Unless you have a declared commitment to stay small, creepy crawly, maybe it is time for you to show up and ask to be worked on… Really… Unless you are really committed to stay stuck where you are.

It doesn’t matter to me, really. Free will: I honor it.

PS: If you are busy with Cyber Monday… you are probably not a good candidate for this work of evolution… Just thought I’d tell you…

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