Capacities… what does it mean? How do you know someone only has a few capacities active?


Capacities… what does it mean? How do you know someone only has a few capacities active?

I was on a marketing webinar… actually it is still going on as I am writing this.

The presenters are two brothers in Ireland… genius as far as building a piece of software, morons in every other area that I can see.

One has nine, the other has ten capacities working.

So, in the brief duration of the webinar, what were the capacities that weren’t turned on and made it pure hell being on the webinar:

  • not having a sense of what they sound like
  • talking about a screen not aware that that is not what the attendees of the webinar see
  • building an offer that timed poorly, presented poorly, salesy…
  • overselling…

Those are behaviors that are underlied by 10 capacities that they don’t have…






You can’t even fathom

You can’t even fathom how amazing adding just 10 capacities… to kill your unawareness, stop you from behaving like a dumbbell… lol, staying aware while you talk, being in the present moment, being able to change direction at a moment’s notice…

  • Letting go, resolving a past hurt: you cannot do it without a capacity or two allowing you to do that. You won’t even be able to see it fully.
  • Get out of the positive thinking trap? ditto… you need capacities to be intelligent enough to do that.
  • See the big picture? that is actually more than just one capacity: it’s several.
  • Find or change the context? Make up a different interpretation? notice a filter? look below the surface? Identify and change all the ways you are yourself evil? All of these need capacities that unless they are active, you won’t be able to do it.

And, judging from your past history: you won’t put yourself in a situation where it is do or die… so you won’t turn on these capacities yourself.

In fact, to create for yourself a do or die situation: that requires a few capacities itself.

So, what do you do?

At this point your choices are limited:

  1. pay me for every capacity, ask me to identify what you need, and pay…
  2. come diligently to the free webinars, and build a solid foundation, so when you ask for a capacity I probably won’t get to on the public webinars, you have it build on your foundation.


In the meantime I am experimenting with the “all-capacities” move…

In the meantime I am experimenting with the “all-capacities” move… Eventually I may be able to offer that… do it weekly or daily until what you need turns on.

The more a person has already, active capacities, the easier it is to turn new ones on…

I can’t let go… I can’t allow… I can’t observe… I can’t narrate…

If that is you, you found an inactive, or four inactive capacities.

Like with everything, we think if we can say it, we can do it.

  • Get out of your mind,
  • stop worrying,
  • don’t be anxious…
  • don’t cry…

…we think we are supposed to be able to do it.

But we are wrong, and our parents are wrong, our teachers, our government are wrong.

We can do only the things our active capacities enable us to do or be.

Pretending to do something is not the same, and we all know it.


  • Be grateful…
  • be appreciative…
  • respect yourself…
  • be attentive,
  • respectful,
  • loving,
  • compassionate.

It sounds so easy, and yet… YOU cannot do it. You must be inferior, or belligerent, or a bad person.

It never occurred to you, or the adults around you, that you can only do what you are equipped to do.


People who have 30 capacities look like gods to us… Warren Buffet became a billionaire with 30 capacities. Zuckerberg has 40 capacities going for him. So does Bill Gates. Steve Jobs had 30 capacities active.

Kobe Bryant, whoever that is (I really don’t know) has eight capacities active.

Angelina Jolie: seven capacities. Brad Pitt: same…  The Material Girl: 12. Lady Gaga: 12. Stephen Hawkins: 30.

So, you see, you can be successful with only a few capacities… not happy, but rich… because the infinite stupidity of your fans.

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