How superiority blocks you from growing. Are you perceptive, astute?

not-perceptiveI do a lot of “work” that doesn’t look like work.

For example, asking the question: Is being perceptive a capacity?

It turns out that it is. It is on a scale of one to 100… very perceptive, somewhat perceptive, not perceptive.

Cats are not perceptive. Partially because their eyes are calibrated to only notice movement. A non-moving tasty bit of food, mouse, bug is like doesn’t exist for a cat. That is probably why they only eat food that stinks to my human nose… ugh. They can’t see it, can’t judge it from its look, color, etc.

Not perceptive.

So, in effect, perceptive is a capacity to see details, see much.

perceptiveness scaleIt must be rare, because in every conversation the other person always says: you are very perceptive… to me.

I don’t DO perceptive, I just pay attention to details… but from perceptiveness’ point of view: I can see…

Now, why am I sharing this?

Because as a Virgo and as a Forget Thyself… double whammy in being critical and superior, I always want to see where I am in the pile of humanity: better, worse, acceptable.

The whole concept that people are near 100% defined by the capacities that are activated in their DNA alters that whole questioning.

Actually, it stops the questioning, takes the attention off myself, and puts it on them.

The idea that if they had perceptiveness capacity turned on, they would be just like me… after a few decades of practice.

Perceptiveness goes hand-in-hand, with astuteness, another capacity, where you can tell what it is that you are perceiving, because without astuteness, you see something… but what is it?

Astuteness is also a sliding scale type of capacity: preconceived notions, prejudices, generalization, rash judgment block it…


hr-technology-understanding-change-management-in-organisations-adrian-furnham-43-638Generally astuteness is what passes as smarts, but bad habits, and thinking what you know makes you moronic… no matter how perceptive you are, and how astute you could be, if you stick with what you already know, you are as dumb as if you didn’t have those capacities… dumb.

I often see it working, or better said: not working in clients and students.

I am saying something… and I observe as they go to their minds to find out what the heck I said. The wheels are turning, and nothing. Not a thing. It is like the food and the cat… no perception, because it is not stored in the mind.

So, it seems that the biggest blockage to activating capacities and using them is the habit of going to the mind.

Between you and me, if I said things that your mind already knows, I would recommend that you leave… And I would recommend to myself to retire…

Nothing that is already in the mind is worth saying, worth thinking, worth even considering. Dusty worthless chunks of unexamined stuff.

But, of course, all the low vibration, low number of capacities people do that… and therein lies the reason that they are stuck there: they fancy themselves knowing.

And if you already know, you can now turn listening off, and go to sleep. You are already there, why bother paying attention, getting activation, blah blah blah.

But the same is true with superiority: the moment you decide you are superior, you stop growing, stop doubting, stop questioning, stop the evolution.

At best you fit the new information into the brick wall of your already always worthless knowledge.

Stuck you are, and unless you get humility, you stay stuck.

Humility is the capacity to say: I don’t know. It empties your storehouses of knowledge, for a moment, so new thing can come in, by itself, observed, perceived, astutely categorized.

New. Growth. That is what’s missing.

Update: one of my students, in spite of buying capacities, coming to the free webinars, was stuck with eight capacities.

I decided to make an attempt, again, to open up the capacity: humility. I had no hopes, but I did it anyway. And lo and behold it opened up. Mind you, she was asleep at the time… but she is awake now, and the capacity stayed on. Moreover: I downloaded all capacities, and now she seems to have 10 capacities working for her.

Now, where the breakthrough came from: I don’t know. I doubt that she does.

But this is the nature of evolution: you stagnate, and stagnate, and stagnate, and then something breaks loose, and then you get a growth spurt.

I’ll continue to experiment with her.

All other low vibration people in the experiment are still stuck.

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