How Does Water Energize Your Body? Get All The Answers…

how does the water energize you?

How Does Water Energize Your Body?

The question is: are you drinking it? Are you near it? Are you swimming or bathing in it?

Let’s see each case, shall we?

If and when you are drinking it, there are a few things to be aware of

Want to Get Energized by your drinking water?

Here are a few things to consider when you want to be energized by your drinking water.

  • Is the water, you are looking at, compatible with a healthy body?
  • its Vibration: is it high or is it low?
  • its molecular spin: supposedly left spin is better
  • its purity: contaminant can kill you
  • its mineral content: water without mineral content tastes bad
  • its mood… I know it sounds funny, but some water is really angry!

WTF? you could ask. Do I need to ask all those questions? And my answer is, definitely.

    1. The Vibration: For example: water straight from my faucet has an overall vibration of 80-100, depending on the day.The natural bodies of water my tap water is coming from are at 300 vibrationally. (They were around 100 before I energized them a few months ago! You can only imagine what the tap water’s vibration was then! I didn’t measure it, I wasn’t thinking!)The treatment of water makes the water unfit for human consumption. It reduces the vibration to the vibration of harsh chemicals. At the water treatment plants they add these chemicals to the water, and that stuff is poison. It is worse drinking tap water than drinking water straight out of a lake.
    2. The molecular/atomic spin: water in healthy cells have a negative spin, water in diseased cells have positive spin. Therefore, it is safe to assume, that adding negative spin water to your body would energize your body, make you feel better, and reduce or remove diseases.Yet, drinking too much water will make you ill… There is an ideal amount of water to drink, because if you dilute the intercellular water too much, you won’t have energy to live.I drink a lot of water, about an ounce per pound body weight. If I drink tea, which is a diuretic, I need to add half the tea quantity in pure water to compensate for the diuretic effect.If and when you sweat, you need more water.


  1. Its mood: The water needs to come from love and care for all. Evil, or Dark Side, Dark Energies, are interested in keeping you separate, self-serving, and sad, miserable to keep on needing them.When you allow water to freeze, you can look at the ice crystals under magnification, and they will tell the truth about the source of the water.I call this the mood of the water, but this is actually its spiritual vibration: is the water going to rain your body to care about its environment, or is it going to cause to to lie, cheat, steal, be greedy, jealous, envious, angry, and such…I have compared the Energy Water® and the Tr. Water®The Tr. Water® comes from greed, desire for world dominance, hate, and anger. Its main mood is: I am superior, you are inferior. That is what it imprints on your body, and it is like a disease: it is hard to get rid off.The Energy Water® comes from generosity, from relating to you as an infinite intrinsic value waiting to show yourself to the world. I put love into every ounce. I want you to be able to make your own Energy Water without having to depend on me. I am not in this for profit, though getting paid for my work is mandatory. The Universe abhors do-gooders that work for nothing.

being near a lake can energize your body

Getting energized by being near water.

Energy (spin, and other characteristics of energy) transfers through distance with entrainment. Entrainment is a kind of synchronization of energies: clocks synchronize, women’s menstrual period synchronizes if they are in close vicinity.

People’s mood can transfer to you, even if you don’t see their faces. Through walls…

Most people’s vibration is around 200/1000, and therefore can be energized by the lakes. I energized the waters of the earth a few months ago: they are all around 300 vibration, except Onondaga Lake in Syracuse. I mentioned that publicly, and therefore the Dark Forces have attacked it since then, and reduced its vibration to 200.

So, spending time near an energized body of water is a great energizer, but you can’t take the water with you.

A convenient way is to get energized water near your body: have high energy water in closed containers (bottles) around you where you live, where you work.

energizer insert My Energizing Insert comes in two strengths: 650 and 850. The 650 is better for drinking water: it tastes better, and your body can take it up better: 850 is too high for drinking water. Even 650 can cause loose stool.

How do you do it?

Two ways:

  1.  Buy one or more Energizing Inserts. With pitcher or without pitcher. Energize water with it at least 24 hours. Then put the energized water into bottles. Put them in your refrigerator, your bedroom, near your computers, in your car, in your bath water.
  2. Just buy enough Energizing Inserts and put them all over your house. You won’t have to futz with the bottles, and you know for sure they are energized.Of course if you use good water to start with, you have drinking water for a year: I am just estimating how long it takes for Dark Energies to steal the insert’s charge… A year.
  3. If you are sick, or have aches and pains: put the energized water container on your body.

The energized water can be in plastic bags to conform to your body. You fill it with energy water and you use it.

If you want, you can buy gel pacs, or freezer blankets, etc. ( online or in a local store,) the kind people use in their picnic ice boxes. Soak them at least 36 hours in energized water, and you have a charged, healing energized healing tool for yourself.

It can be cooled, the charge survives freezing, but it won’t survive microwave. It will scramble the energy and kill it. Airport scanners are short exposure, so the energizer will keep its charge.

Micrawaves are anyway a horrible invention: perfectly good food becomes poison to your body through microwaving it.

So, there you have it.

These were the first two ways to energize your body with water: drinking it, and being near it.

Getting Energized By Energy Transmission on a Live or Recorded Call

The third is not that simple: on my connection calls, healing calls and Energy calls I download these energies straight into your body. The calls are an hour long, and you can subscribe on different levels and frequencies.

Here is the link to check out the calls. Energizing insert is for sale in the sidebar of the site…

If you get to a 404 not found page at any point in the process, just email me… the page is there, just my server is being jinxed by the Dark Forces, a few times a day…

It is worth the trouble to get to the page: using water to raise your vibration, raise your energy, raise your mood is a unique way, not available anywhere else.


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