Your choice is the question: shall I shrink or grow?

You have been choosing to shrink most of your life… and you ended up on my site with a meager number of capacities, hoping to get more out of life than you are getting.

You have been choosing, consistently to be a fat flightless turkey, in spite of your DNA that has flying as a capacity.

Yesterday I activated the capacity of Process for a handful of people… and it seems that this is a crucial capacity… Here are some interesting insights reading people’s notes who just got the Process capacity activated

T from England writes. She now has 12 capacities, including the Process…

This is new……my internal state, “Is happy”… no big noise, just that. I am quite serious by nature, there is quite a slap stick humour behind it without exhibition. its amusing.

Managed to read 5 pages of a Book without distraction :

ie. making tea, toast or treat
seeing this site as a great tool to grow,
less inhibited.Want to say more but, feel i would just be dribbling on…..that’s not less, inhibited? Laugh, laugh.

She reminds me of an old friend I used to talk to at least once a week. That guy had that he wasn’t smart enough. And when he was asked whom he admired, he admired people who had fast answers. Speed was his goal, to be witty.

Looking back, I now see that he didn’t see that it takes steps to get to anything, including the answers he wanted to be able to blurt out, out of the blue. The way he saw other people blurt things out.

One day, after I administered the Value Profile test to him, I saw that his view was fuzzy… not clear. I saw that in the picture he looked at, most areas had no information.

I suggested that he started reading.

He said he had never read a book in his life. I recommended that he started… He started to read but it turned out that he read in order to be witty…

When your concept of life becomes, watching other people miraculously doing things unimaginable to a child, that other people can click their heels and get anywhere without working for it, without learning for it, without thinking it through, without practice, you become like my friend.

For most people, including myself, this new capacity, Process, is a huge revelation.

First it is revealing that I’d never thought of process. I’d never expected process. I’d never seen process anywhere.

After all, movies show people as presidents, assassins, champion golf players, already… and it never occurs to anyone to think that it took them 20-30-40 years of being on some level of bumbling idiot before and in preparation to get where they are, presidents, etc.

The less achievements you have in your life, the less capacities you use, the less you suppose you need to work for what you want. And the more magical your thinking is.

The law of attraction people prey on you…

The law of attraction is the “no need for process” method, that of course can’t work.

Everything takes process, and that’s that.

Grabovoi… the no process healing guy… attracting the Catholic, where the whole process is ritual… no mysteries here, after getting the capacity: Process.

Another reader writes after I activated her Process capacity (She now has 31 capacities):

stacks-of-paperWhen I got your email, I went through a period of crying and looking, crying and looking.

What came up was that the piles of clutter that I have built up ever since my mom died and in the clutter there are a lot of her files and records and notes.

And a few things that have sentimental value, like her French-English dictionary. It looks like when I tackle the clutter, I will not only be growing the capacity you activated, I’ll also be going through some more of those grieving steps that I haven’t done yet.

To which I answered with the new found capacity of Process (I am so proud of myself! yaay!)

OK. Excellent. Tackling those piles will help grieving, give it structure, give it scheduling ability: brilliant.

Quite a process you designed there, my dear. It could be taught… because this way sadness will have its time and space.

With regards to being superior… remember 30 (she has 31 capacities, people in her environment have 10) is a lot more than 10 but still on the same scale. So it seems unbelievable that the same branch can grow an apple 3 times bigger, but it’s still an apple.

It will keep you grounded.

I would never have been able to see that before. I guess it is time for me to start on MY piles with some process in mind…. lol… Very delightful.

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