I activate a new capacity for you… will it change your life? Republished

under-the-hood-2I am republishing this article, because you need it… now.

I can activate DNA capacities energetically. It was a question for a while if it works… and it turned out that unless you use a capacity it won’t stay “ON”. Your “system” preserves energy, and an unused capacity uses a lot of energy, while it isn’t used.

I activate a new capacity. If you used it, a whole new world would open up for you… But for you nothing happened… But what just happened?

When I activate a new capacity, you have an opportunity. You either take it or you don’t.

Opportunities come with a count-down timer… They expire. That’s why the phrase says: window of opportunity…

You continue doing what you have always done, exactly the way you have always done it.

What happens? The opportunity closes. That’s it. Good bye.

There are 160 capacities that you could, potentially, activate.

I watch as I download the activator, as the lights go on and then go off. Because the you that you habitually are has not need for the capacities.

If it did, if your life could use, or maybe even needed a capacity, it would gladly stay on.

It is the clearest example of “don’t throw your pearls in front of swine…”

But some people, those that are higher already on the consciousness scale, can see that they need the capacity, and they start to use it.

Others, lower on the consciousness scale, can’t… unless life accidentally puts them into a situation where it is obviously a sink or swim situation.

Then they use the new capacities… maybe.

A lot depends on your personality.

So, what is low consciousness, what is high consciousness?

Your consciousness level is really the same as your vibration level: the actual level from where you view the world.

Basement, street level, ground floor, second floor… and so on.

When you are too busy with what you are doing… you are probably on the ground floor.

When you are being thrown about by life, you are probably on the street level.

When you are not doing anything, really, just waiting, hoping, wishing… you are probably in the basement.

Unfortunately for you, unless you are aware, awake, present, you can’t even get out of the cold, can’t get out of the routine, can’t get past your drama.

There is a coach I know of, who built his entire practice on mental toughness.

Unless you have mental toughness, unless you can take life as a man, taking guidance and taking beating, you will not be able to grow, you’ll stay where you are.

You see, I don’t run a charity business. In a charity business they do it for you. I don’t. I do it for human evolution, and you happen to be either suitable or unsuitable to do the work with.

If you prove to be unable or unwilling to get out of the level where you are, you are dropped. No hard feelings, I just won’t continue putting energy into you so you can leak it…

It has nothing to do with love. It has nothing to do with caring. It has everything to do with the hierarchy of my priorities.

A capacity to set priorities that you probably have no idea about, because for you everything is the same as everything else, no differentiation, no distinctions, blind as a bat.

And unless you willingly get through the hurdles of seeing, distinguishing, trying it on, being it, you’ll stay blind.

under-the-hood-2The story of the woman on the side of the road fits here well: the woman’s car breaks down on the highway. She pulls over, and stands by the car.

The woman is pretty… so a man pulls over behind her car, and offers his help. He suggests that she opens the hood…

She says: hood? And the man shows her the lever that opens the hood. Hm, hood, she says.

They look under the hood. The man says: maybe it’s your carburetor? She says: carburetor? He points it out and she says: hm, carburetor. Then the guy says: maybe it is your radiator fan? Radiator fan? she say. Yeah, the man says, and points it out.

The woman says: hm, radiator fan.

What happens that the woman who had no idea what is inside a car, what is under the hood, who had no distinctions as far as cars go, learned a few distinctions, hood, carburetor, radiator fan.

This is how it goes, exactly, in life, and especially in the life of a person who is willing to grow.

The woman could have had a different attitude where none of the new distinctions can enter her consciousness… where she would just stand by the car and not ask the guy to point out the parts under the hood… Or where she would think she knows everything…

These are the two main attitudes I find with you, if and when you were unable to accept, or integrate the new capacity. Lack of interest in learning anything new, or lack of willingness to admit that you need to learn anything new.

Either way, you’ll never learn to fix your own car… and you’ll stay at the bottom of the totem pole, at the mercy of the world, of some job, of some husband, or some parent.

I test people diligently. And most of them don’t make the cut.

Some have been with me for years.

But we are playing ball now… and if you can’t hit the ball, you are off the team.

Did you notice that I am not even responding to doubters? I delete their comments, or just let it be.

The train must move on… LIFE doesn’t wait for anyone.

Just like the mentally tough guy only teaches mentally tough people, who can hear him, I will only work with people who can grow.

Is mentally tough a capacity? No. It’s an attitude. And attitude to life. You can be a sissy, and you can be tough… You chose how to be. It is not in your genes. It was your decision.

I’d rather work with a handful of people, than try to carry 30 in my arms and have not energy to take the handful to where they need to go.

It’s like a funnel, that is upside down.

On the top it’s wide… anyone with money or internet can apply.

Then I eliminate the ones that are obviously not going to stay the course… slowly, as I can see it.

Charities look at need. I look at ability. Making tough choices.

PS: I just listened to Weird Al Yankovic song: Dare to be stupid… publicly, openly, joyfully… hell yeah… up there with mentally tough when it comes to growing as a person.

It is fun work… don’t be so serious…

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