What is the true stumbling block preventing you from going from A to B?

stumbling-blockI have been wrong.

I have been wrong in thinking that humility is the ultimate stumbling block. It seems that humility can help the mind withdraw from the “I don’t need to hear this I already know everything” stance, and allow you to learn, and use your other faculties.

But I can now see, that without courage first activated, present and in working order, humility won’t be accepted, because it takes courage to get out of the mind.

I hate that this is so… after all I spent so much time attempting to activate humility, with no success.

So we are down to courage…

What is courage really?

And is courage also dependent on some other capacity?

So let’s look… walk with me, think with me… I don’t know where we are going… it will be a discovery for both of us.

Just got scared? lol.

Yes, this is the first leg: understanding that courage will take you to places where you don’t know what will happen, so there is fear of the unknown.

There is also an element of “can I stay alive?” “can I handle it?”

What is the capacity that tells you that no matter what will happen I will handle it?

It is not a capacity, it should come and get bigger as you get bigger: your sense of self.

The saying: what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger, is almost true. It should be: what doesn’t kill me shows me yet another way that I can handle whatever happens to me.

Some of you have handled a lot, most of you were taught early on to hide, to shrink, to stop breathing… to die a small death every time some controversy happens, every time you don’t know the outcome.

Those of you who have learned that you can handle a lot, already have courage turned on… and its working however it is working, anywhere on the sliding scale of 1 to 100.

The people who I work with, the people who have courage, didn’t get it from me. I may have amped up 1)its working, but they already had it. Except the guy with the inherited company… but his example can teach me a lot.

He put himself in harm’s way… he declared with words and with actions, that he was going to make the company work, and grow, and people who work there will have employment.

He went from hoping to talking… because he came to me. It was interesting to watch as capacities turned on, turned off… but some stayed on, as he was doing the actions he previously would not have thought of being able to do.

He started to create a track record of being able to handle situations, consequences, that he previously never thought he could… His life changed, he is in a swim or sink situation, and he is hanging in there. Swimming? Not elegantly, not fast, but swimming nevertheless.

He started with the base seven capacities, he now has 20 capacities working. That includes courage, I turned on today. Will it turn off? I don’t think so.

My job will be, as a “coach” to suggest actions outside of his comfort zone. As he survives them, his courage will grow.

Why this is significant?

Because unless you know you need courage, it won’t turn on. Ego will win, and that is that.

What your mind says won’t matter. Only what ego says… because who is making your decisions for you is the ego… until you have a Self… but without courage, no self.

And without self you are fragile, you are lost, you are a puppet on a string.

Oh well, now you know.

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  1. amp up
    vb (tr, adverb)
    1. to increase
    2. to increase the power or force of (something)
    3. to excite, arouse, or work up (a person, emotions, etc

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