The role of half truths in no evolution of the human race

bullshitAs I am dealing with the issue of courage, I realized something that I had never quite seen before:

All the quotes, all the memes, all the nice sayings on the internet have one function only: to make you stay the same.

And by same I mean driven by ego, fear, cowardice, slothfulness, superiority, pretense… etc.

Now, that is a bold statement, after all those quotes and memes, and nice sayings, and even coaching claim and sound and look inspiring. And therein lies the mischief:

They suggest that you can just simple want it more, choose it, believe it and then you can have it… whatever they are suggesting you can have.

  • Peace of mind
  • Intelligence
  • Money
  • Relationship
  • Happiness
  • Being your own boss

Now, we can argue if arrogance and speaking from ignorance are evil… but hey, this is my blog, and I will just say what is true for me: both arrogance and speaking from ignorance are evil.

So does that mean that when I spoke from ignorance that was evil too? Yep. It was.

Somebody sent me a note this morning suggesting that I check out diatomaceous earth for the alien bugs… That note is arrogant. It says: I know you don’t know this, I know I know what you don’t, so listen to me.

I have tested diatomaceous earth… does nothing. Evil note.

Coaches, memes, quotes that suggest that you were born with courage are evil too.

Why? Because those quotes put you in a horrible self-loathing… as if it were your own fault that you are not courageous.

Here is a link to an article, quoting a pastor… about fear and courage.

He says:

  • We were made to be courageous. LIE
  • In trials, our first response is to run. TRUE
  • We were made for trouble. ???
  • Stand for what matters. OK?
  • Courage cannot be separated from action. TRUE

Religion began this b.s. with saying that god created humans to his own image…

Religion began this b.s. with saying that god created humans to his own image… and therefore you already have everything god has. Hah…

Now, had the bible said: your DNA points you to the direction of evolution where you can become more and more powerful by turning DNA capacities on, then people, instead of thinking themselves already there, would have efforted, maybe, to get themselves there… knowing the direction is already given, only their effort and willingness is missing.

I have an article, somewhere on the site that says: a half truth is a lie. Why? Because it takes you astray. It dupes you. It takes your power away.

When you think that you should have the capacity to be courageous, and therefore BE courageous, right now, you are being mislead.

If you were born without the capacity active, or if you were born with it open but were abused, or your path needs to lead through extreme fear… you don’t have what it takes to be courageous… although you could dedicate your life to turn it on yourself.

It’s very difficult, and had I had a normal job in the past 10 years, I would still have the capacities I already had.

Now, I did have courage active from my father… my brothers didn’t fare as well: they inherited my mother’s capacities… no courage there.

Confession time: I didn’t realize until today that I have been lying about my mother. The stories I tell about her behavior during the war would suggest that she had courage active, but that is not so.

So, if you have heard me rave about my mother: I probably made up that story.

Just like you made up stories about your parents… never re-examined with an adult’s point of view…

So, whether it is me turning on your capacity for courage, or you attempt to do it yourself, or you have it just not open much; how do you do it?

As I have said in several articles, you do it gradually. You don’t step on a tightrope bridging two tall buildings without a safety net… you take small risks and you experience yourself

  1. succeeding
  2. failing and handling the disappointment, the pain, the shame, or whatever you get. You handle it.

You will have a lot of opportunities to do so, I bet. Every time fear comes up, it is a signal that there is something you could do that scares you. What scares you is the outcome.

It will take some practice to see what action you are avoiding. Depending on your general level of intelligence, you’ll see some or you’ll see many.

Your job is to take as many small risks as you can. And watch yourself handling the aftermath.

  • Talking to a person you avoiding talking to.
  • Taking a trip, a purchase, you have been avoiding.
  • Even doing your laundry, or your dishes, paperwork, if you have been avoiding them.
  • Procrastination is a great area to practice.

How long should this take? I have no idea. Some of you have stronger egos than others.

What is the best course of action? The most expeditious?

Ask me if your ego will allow you to activate courage, the capacity.

  • If it’s a yes… then just pay me to activate courage, and then the practice will be easier.
  • If it’s a no… then just do the best you can practicing, until you convince the ego that you can handle it…

Then ask me to turn it on for you… so you can start taking on bigger challenges with your new capacity: courage.

PS: A survey done on people who love internet memes showed that the average intelligence of these people is much below people’s that don’t love internet memes.

Probably done poorly and with an agenda. And yet, the results is true. Because people who cannot think for themselves are the people who love memes… and thinking for yourself is a determinant of intelligence.

Every time I publish an article, I have to go through the agony of choosing truth, substance instead of appealing to the majority… the people I don’t want to attract. It’s quite the tightrope balancing act. Proof to that is that 90% of my site’s visitors aren’t up to snuff… and came here for more benevolent lies, and for me to do what they don’t have courage to do.

And finally a quote… that expresses my sentiments, exactly

“This week has been a hard one. I have put the forces of evil against a potential good. Yesterday I wrote the outward thing of what happened. Today I have to show what came of it. This is quite different from the modern hard-boiled school. I think I must set it down. And I will. The spots of gold on this page are the splatterings from beautiful thoughts.”
– John Steinbeck, Journal of a Novel: The East of Eden Letters

and another quote that made me want to puke it is so true

“Literacy is a very hard skill to acquire, and once acquired it brings endless heartache – for the more you read, the more you learn of life’s intimidating complexity of confusion. But anyone who can learn to grunt is bright enough to watch TV… which teaches that life is simple, and happy endings come to those whose hearts are in the right place.”
– Spider Robinson

and this is the last quote today

“And the truth I see is that the Bible is populated with people like you and me. People who are flawed and imperfect. People who have crooked teeth and bad skin. Who have stinky breath and dirty feet. Who don’t always know the difference between right and wrong. Who are self-serving and capricious. People caught in the conflict and dichotomy between good and evil, between the sacred and the profane, between beauty and ugliness, and between the bright and the moronic. People who hope — and many believe — that they are made in the very image of God.”
– Barry Moser

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