Why my “system” seems so unorganized… hard to follow… and more

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puzzle-731x1024Please read my email exchange with an exceptional student of mine…

I want you to learn something from it: my process, how to write intelligent emails (not mine, lol) and how to look at my articles in a constructive way.

Also, if you are someone like a doctor, a scientist, my method probably drives you crazy… I seem disorganized, have no answers to many questions… I have had people quit my programs complaining about that.

I this article I explain why things are the way they are, why I work the way I work… It’s obvious that it’s not for everybody… no clear cut anything…. 🙁

Lot to learn:

Dear Sophie

Could it be: — If Courage gives you strength to stand up to the fear of unknown. Then Self-Trust must give you strength to handle whatever comes next. So maybe both of these capacities are a Base.

Seeing the evolution of your systems one cannot help realize that everything seems to fit perfectly and beautifully for a “growing human being”. One only needs to follow ‘the process’. From Energizer to HOE to activators and Avatar State Audios. Everything gradually can build up, one after the other, a whole human being.

And now DNA Capacities Activation – perfect next stage of your ever evolving system.

— Capacities are randomly active for people who are just going through life without making an effort to grow. Capacities that are active only on the basis of need, to just get through.

— When one wants to grow as a human being. May be we need an organization in the activation of these capacities – a process to gradually build up.
May be
— Organising all 160 capacities in different levels from foundational to advanced.
— Establishing a Base level and go up from there. Not skipping anything, even those that are already active.

Of course you already have a process in mind but I just couldn’t help sharing my thoughts with you.

My response:

actually, as I have shared before… process is not my strong suit.

but in addition to that, I can’t see even the next step, that’s why it seems so disheveled, random, capricious.

I can’t get access to the unknown without poking the box. but I cannot poke the box without working with people… their unwillingness, stuckedness, mistakes are what allow me to see the next step.

So, as much as I’d love to have a system, until it all reveals itself to me, I have only what I have.

But if I make it a system now, then it will mislead people, it will have to be changed with every new piece, and it may even stop the new stuff to reveal itself to me.

This is what happened to a lot of gurus… and they are stuck with the beginner level of insights they rushed to organize and systematize.

Also, scientists, doctors, are guilty of this… create a system before you see the whole picture.

For example, someone who is on my list but isn’t a student… every time I checked he wasn’t moving.

He called me a few minutes ago: we talked and I gave him a summary. But that was summary from this morning… because in between, somehow a new capacity got activated and he had a breakthrough.

Now, I have no idea how that happened. When it happened. What did he do/what did I do to make that happen?

As long as there are big holes like this in my picture, making it a system is evil…

And I sympathize with you: working with someone so “organic” and so not systematic is a pain in the a…

I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.

Thank you,

which he answered like this:

You’re right. You just made me realize that how you’re working is sooo Fluid.
Putting it into system will make it hard- solid- maybe immutable.

Thank you.

And I wrote the last email:

yes. it is both wonderful and horrible… but it is what it is. thank you for seeing it.

Thank you,


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Why my “system” seems so unorganized… hard to follow… and more”

  1. Sophie, I agree with your assessment of systems and that the way you are working is the necessary way to go from where we are, into effective progress to evolve into true human beings. It seems courage must be necessary to do what you are doing. Perhaps to participate with you as a student, subscriber requires courage as well.
    One of the most apt quotes I know is from Krishnamurti, “truth is a pathless land.”

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