More on the return of investment in light… and capacities

Ag_F1I got this email today. It’s seductive, it’s hypnotic, but the conclusion is totally wrong, misleading: the kind that makes you buy stuff and then never amount to anything.

I wonder why people, sellers, are afraid to tell the truth… That it takes work to get from A to B in anything, and to get from A to Z, where mastery is, you need a lot of work…

People buy my stuff… Even though I honestly tell the uncomfortable truth: without you doing your part, none of my stuff works… except maybe the Heaven on Earth… aka HOE.

But then again, they either don’t hear me or don’t believe me…

Anyway, read the story here, and notice that what they sell is impossible… Can you see it?

He was a rather shy and reserved man who loved flying. Since the age of 16, when his neighbor taught him how to fly a cropduster, Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger had developed a fascination with airplanes.

He would attend the Air Force Academy and graduate in 1973. While in the Air Force, he flew F-4 fighter planes.

US Airways hired him. He flew commercial airliners for the company for 30 years. On the side, Sully became an airline safety expert who consulted for NASA and other major players.

No one had any idea this training would save his life and the lives of 155 people.

US Airways Flight 1549 jettisoned into the sky at 3:26 p.m. EST on January 15, 2009. It was supposed to be a routine flight from New York’s La Guardia Airport to Charlotte, N.C.

Within minutes of taking off, the plane hit a large flock of birds. Both engines were disabled.

Captain Sully called air traffic control. He had two obvious options. Return to La Guardia. Or try landing at Teterboro Airport in New Jersey.

Neither would work. Engines were dead. The plane was going down. He had to act fast.

And so he did…

Sully decided to do the unthinkable.

The plane was hovering above the Hudson River. Sully glided the plane to a landing on top of the frigid water.


usairLucky for him (and the 155 passengers), he was able to maneuver the plane to a perfect water landing.

He didn’t want to be a hero that day.

But he had no choice.

In an interview with news anchor Katie Couric, Sullenberger said: “One way of looking at this might be that for 42 years, I’ve been making small, regular deposits in this bank of experience, education and training. And on January 15 the balance was sufficient so that I could make a very large withdrawal.”

Hopefully you’ll never have to do an emergency landing in a jet airplane.

But consider this: The number one life skill you can have is the ability to interact with people in a way that allows you to convince, motivate and influence them.

And the number one way to communicate with people in a convincing, motivating and influential manner is knowing X.

Like Sully, you could start making “regular deposits in this bank of experience, education and training.”


Well, Sully invested decades in his flying safety education.

You do NOT need to invest decades to begin mastering the basics of X.

All you need is a copy of this program… Watch the videos. Do the exercises. Read the transcripts.

Even once.

The result: You can begin making very large withdrawals by getting more out of life than you thought possible within a very short period of time.

I mean it when I say this: As an ethical conversational hypnotist, you can put people into waking trances while talking with them… and… have people eating out of the palm of your hands right after you go through my new training videos.

You never know when you’ll need this skill to…

– land a better job
– nail down a promotion
– pacify your kids
– save a much-needed sale
– help someone make a big change
– beat a bad habit you’ve been fighting

Or whatever the case may be.

Be like Captain Sully.

Invest in yourself.

The return will be more than worth it…

Igor – Hypnosis Training Academy

I am curious: what does the sentence mean to you: “You do NOT need to invest decades to begin mastering the basics of X.”

Could he be talking about mastering a capacity you asked me to turn on?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “More on the return of investment in light… and capacities”

  1. It reads to me Sophie, As, forget putting in the time to work to improve your skills, take the “Easy” route buy my program. Read it once and abracadabra! you will be all you can be in that flavour.

  2. I read this article the day you wrote it but I didn’t understand much about it at the time. I read your first article today and came back and re-read this one, maybe it’s starting to make some kind of sense to me now. I’m wondering what capacity I’ve asked you to turn on that could be mastered? Also realizing that in order to accomplish what I’d like to accomplish in this world, I will need more than handful I have now. lol.. Would like to participate in the Second Phase Activators if you think it appropriate for me at this time? Sure happy you link the articles 🙂

  3. I have the endurance and I have the time. I’d like to invest in myself and work on becoming who I’m meant to be.

  4. Ok, I will do it today. I can also work on getting up earlier so it doesn’t interrupt the daily schedule.

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