Taking things personally

dont-take-it-personally2The hardest thing to navigate, at least for me, is to take myself out of the center… Maybe because of my soul correction “Forget Thyself” but it comes back to make me miserable periodically.

I have been testy lately.

I have always wanted to be significant. Do significant things. Be admired… blah blah blah.

What I didn’t realize that like everything ego desire based, desire to receive for the self alone, it has a shadow side.

When you are significant, and someone doesn’t give you what you think they are supposed to… you are angry and miserable.

So this is what has been going on…

Please listen with compassion… or not… it’s really up to you. But if you can listen with compassion, you may learn something that can make a difference for you… If you listen with judgment, your misery will deepen… I will be fine either way.

You have been receiving “my gift to humanity” and you are squandering it. You are not using it. My life depends on you and your taking advantage what “I give you”…

You hear the beginnings of utter misery?

I normally true myself on Sundays, but this past Sunday I wasn’t catching myself… so instead of coming out, knocking myself conscious, I went deeper into “it’s about me”.

I was letting people go, I was rude, I was unappreciative… on my way to be a real monster… like I used to be.

I got lucky: I caught the curling down corners of my mouth… the sign of “personally offended. Age of the behavior: 3-4? The age where everything is about you, or supposed to be about you.

OK, I am out of it.




bilocation-3Lots of stuff to clean up. It’s time to get generous again, appreciative, and just do the work.

Now, how do YOU notice that you have your world, other people’s actions, be about you? The first step is noticing.

Someone propositioned you? You are upset? You took it that it was about you…
Someone was late? Someone didn’t take care of you? I yelled at you? Someone else?

None of it is really about you… but in order to get that, you need to get out of the center of the world.

How do you do it?

The solution is really simple, but not that easy.

You need to step into the location of the Witness/Observer.

That location is a sideways view… even though the actual location is just behind your back… the essence is that it is outside of the center. And therefore takes you out of significance, pride, hurt, being offended.

Heavenly place… you should try it.

Is there a DNA capacity that needs to be on to be able to do this? Yes. I call this the capacity of bilocation… the capacity to be someplace and someplace else at the same time.

Be in your skin, feel your feelings, and at the same time be in the Observer position.

This same capacity can put your Observer anywhere you wish, including to where another person is standing, listening to you ranting and raving… confessing your undying love… making a request.

When you can hear yourself from outside of your own head… you start to hear how ineffective you are in your communication, and can alter it. It does take practice, but it’s one of the most valuable skills to have… you cannot sell effectively without it, you cannot negotiate effectively without it, you cannot have a smooth family life without it.

Ask me if you are ready for it before you buy…

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “Taking things personally”

  1. After last Saturdays activation webinar I dipped into a whole “poor me” pity party and also made everything about me. It’s like I suddenly had to face stuff about myself square in the face and I didn’t like what I saw there. Every time I caught myself feeling sorry for myself, I tried my best to move through it with as much grace as I could, yet, I found another aspect of myself (ego?) justifying my behavior and so my “pity party” started to extend way beyond what I liked. I could hear my activist voice starting to get louder and angrier. It was awful. It lasted three days.

    Last night I attempted to connect with Source and just remain silent without listening to all the noise and “poor me’s” in my mind…and this morning I got up feeling much better. I think that the previous activations have touched the proverbial “nerve” of my Soul Correction again…and so I am not surprised to see that “bilocation” has come up as a discussion point in this article. For me, this article is serendipitous, so thank you for writing it!

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