If it sounds true, it is probably false. If it sounds not true: it is possibly how it is…

divide-and-conquer-how-to-control-a-nationI watched something yesterday that allowed me to have a new insight about the Irish. Note: this is not about the Irish, and not about the Italian, and not about the Chinese… This article is to allow you a glimpse into the dynamic of war, vengeance, the eye for an eye…

The more temperamental a group is, the easier it is to dominate them, to play them, to incite them to kill, go to war.

The Irish is a temperamental bunch, and the killing, terrorism, has been going on for many centuries.

Yesterday I asked myself: would the Irish self-destruct, stop their human evolution, remain a bunch of wildmen, without an outside interference. The answer was: probably not.

One of the tools of war, one of the tools of self-defense, is the divide and conquer principle. 2

Incite discord between two groups, and let them kill each other instead of you.

divide-and-conquer-gameI first encountered it in the books I read about Genghis Khan: the Chinese used this weapon of destruction for centuries: commit atrocities, make them look like another group of Mongols, or other steppe people did it… start a war…

Worked well until Genghis Khan discovered it by accident.

The Irish never discovered it.
The Italian never discovered it.
The gangs in American cities never discovered it.
The African nations never discovered it.

It happens in scale large and small, all the time, everywhere.

It takes someone intelligent, astute to see… to see below the hood.

And then it takes someone who has the courage to yell: the king has no clothes…

It happens inside families, it happens inside companies, it happens in government, the army… everywhere.

Without you starting to pay attention to the underlying dynamic, to look and SEE below the hood, humanity will continue concentrating its efforts on warring, instead of the evolution of the human race.

DivideAndConquerDrama will pull you out of your path… unless you see that it is incited, designed to take you off your path. Then you can stay the course, and not get distracted.

It is an unconscious desire of others to cause drama… the very few people I actually talk, outside of this work… they all do it. If you confronted them with it, they would say you are wrong, or maybe even nasty.

So the job is not to let them know that you know what they are trying to do, the job is to include their drama, and not move an inch to the left or to the right.

Agreement, feigned, is the best weapon of the intelligent. That is often NOT YOU, sorry to say.

But it could be you… if you could see what is going on, really, under the hood.

OKastuteness capacity, if you take the time to use it instead of knee jerk reactions, can be really useful here.

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  1. divide and conquer (or rule)
    phrase of divide

    the policy of maintaining control over one's subordinates or subjects by encouraging dissent between them.

  2. divide and conquer (or rule)
    phrase of divide

    the policy of maintaining control over one’s subordinates or subjects by encouraging dissent between them.

Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “If it sounds true, it is probably false. If it sounds not true: it is possibly how it is…”

  1. Read this article yesterday and recognized looking under the hood as a good idea and a good place to start.

    I’ve been reading your book “Become Who You Were Meant To Be’. The knowledge you share along with ideas to incorporate the knowledge into your life is starting to wake me up.

    Something might be sinking in because after rereading this article today, I’m starting to see that not only would these principles help humanity on a world wide level but also on a personal level if we can identify ourselves and our lives as it pertains to this article. Smart cookie you are Sophie 🙂

  2. Rebecca, this is quite an accomplishment: three paragraphs and you have managed to say nothing concrete, nothing that can be pinned on you, an nothing I would know what the heck you are talking about. Brilliant. Also low vibration. Avoidance strategy. You should teach people how to do it so you never have to participate in life, never have to be called to the mat… float like stuff on rivers.

  3. Correction to the above statement. The book I’m reading that you wrote is called “the life you were Born to live”. Becoming a subscriber of your site was a wise investment indeed and I appreciate your sharing all this knowledge! Thank you.

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