In search of the linchpin DNA capacity that is blocking your evolution

do-you-see-that-i-am-brokenIn this article I will talk about DNA capacities activation.

Let’s talk about the failures, people where in spite of my effort, the capacities did not activate…

Let me start with the accusations a commenter threw at me/us: that the positive results may be due to time spent with me, instead of DNA capacities getting active in you.

I would ask the same question, and have.

Some results are definitely placebo.

I have now reliably pegged, identified the people that will, every time, provide me with glowing testimonials about results that the energies or activators, or in this case capacity activation supposedly did for them.

How I know that they are dreaming is this:

  1. the results come from their understanding of what is supposed to happen. Definitely placebo.
  2. The results stop soon after the testimonial.

When the capacity doesn’t turn on, or when it is rejected, no results will happen.

Often I don’t reveal the whole scope of results that should happen… intentionally. I want to avoid the placebo effect, the effect that will not last.

The biggest barrier to results

The biggest barrier to results, I see, is people’s hope that the capacity magically will do something that they would want happen.

But capacities work through you.

I have this favorite saying: God doesn’t have a thumb… it works through your thumb…

If you don’t use your thumb, even if there were a god, you’d see no results in the physical reality.

Disappointing, isn’t it?

Now, with that said: lots of people didn’t have any results.

When I examined them, all the new capacities shut down at some point. Probably soon after they opened…

Let’s pit two groups of those people against each other:

  1. people who, in spite of my daily effort, did not, could not accept the capacity “humility”Humility, the capacity to let go of your own forcing how the world should go, releasing what you know so you can be taught something else, seems to be the capacity that unless the person can allow it to be turned on, no other capacities can be turned on.

    Humility, like all other capacities, is like a dimmer… a sliding switch. My humility is 30% open… The people who didn’t allow any change in their energy matrix, who didn’t allow any capacities to be turned on, have humility closed.

    The only thing, common across the board of the 30+ people I check daily is, they won’t let you take their hand and learn to do things differently.

    A sports coach would call this type of person untrainable. They want to do things their way.

    I have tested: I offered assistance to one of these people in an unrelated issue… organizing business differently. The emotional response to it was: I’ll do it my way, when I am ready. No capacity to allow me to do what I know is a better way.

    The switch seems to be shut tight.

  2. people who, because of a desire that is bigger than their fear, have allowed humility to turn on, a little bit. It seems that even a little bit is dramatically different than none.

An observation: it seems that ethnicity, social evolution doesn’t have everything to do with it: I have, in that regard mixed results.

It seems that the issue is giving up the status quo: the self-image. You see, unless you are willing to let go first, of everything that has kept you where you are, you cannot move forward.

You need to lift your foot from the rang on the ladder to go to the next higher rang…

trust-brokenWhat if without trust no new capacity will activate?

At this stage I am starting to experiment if I can turn on trust for these people.

By the way, I have my doubts about trust… that is my humility is only open 30%.

I’ll attempt to turn trust on for these people now… will be back to report in a few minutes…

The experiment with trust

OK, I am back. Dramatic. So far the results are all the same: it seems that betrayal, real or perceived, happened to these people.

How do I know? Because when I attempted to activate the capacities, the history level, that stores all the issues of the past, personal ethnic, or ancestry, started to clear. Unmistakable.

Except for two people.

It seems to me that the abuse, or the betrayal needs to be healed, energetically, before these people can start rising on the evolutionary scale.

This coming weekend I will add trust to the capacities I’ll activate on the free webinars.

So it will be trust, humility and courage… Which means: if I sent you away last time, because I failed to activate humility for you: please come back. By the time you come back, it may be on. I can’t tell how long it will take to clear all the hurt from abuse, neglect, abandonment, but I am now sure it will happen… unless there is something else below, like for those two still resistant people.

Sometimes I want to beat myself up for having missed stuff. But, I think, you are stuck with me, warts and all, failings and all, mistakes and all. Or not… your choice.

Double blind

By the way, I have people on the list who don’t read these articles. Why? I can contact them, I can observe their behavior, because instead of glowing testimonials, I need proof positive… after all I need to be sure, myself, that what I am doing is not delusion.

This is why having trust not completely open is actually a good thing. I won’t allow myself to be swayed… willy nilly… I’ll check first.

Rose colored glasses, pretending to see only the good in people and things is one of the stupid things of people who throw good money after bad money.

Trust is intelligent… rose colored glasses are a decision made without looking. The hallmark of stupidity. Covering up desperation, the inability to make sense of the world.

That is the last thing I’d like to be.

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