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Stop your baby from crying in Second

Crying babies are all of us, really.


Aren’t we all just fleshy bundles of feelings crying out into the world in hopes of a hug and the license to sleep all the damn time?


crying-baby-2It is. You know it is.

Which is why you need to watch this doctor’s mesmerizing trick to make babies stop crying.

Dr. Robert Hamilton of Pacific Ocean Pediatrics has been in practice in Santa Monica, California, for the past 26 years. “The technique, which I call ‘the hold,’ has evolved over the years,” Hamilton told BuzzFeed Life.

Here’s how it works…

Pick up a crying baby.

maneuvre-2This baby is crying because he just got a shot. NOT FUN.

Gently fold the baby’s arms across their chest.

maneuvre-3 maneuvre-4anigif_optimized-19607-1449083438-1You’re basically swaddling the child with your hands instead of using a blanket, he said.

Then, hold the baby at a 45-degree angle and gently rock them back and forth.

Holding the baby directly upright can become a tricky balancing act, which is why a 45-degree angle gives the perfect amount of control, said Hamilton.

And shake their itty bitty tail feathers.

maneuvre-5And give them a light little stir — and that’s it!

I use this technique all day long when I’m working with infants, and it’s really effective,” he said. It works best with babies from birth to 3 months old. “And it can work for premature babies, but you have to be especially gentle.”

This baby doesn’t seem to mind it.

maneuvre-6From bawling to being happily folded up like a little envelope.

And this one looks as happy as a clam.

maneuvre-7This clam approves.
Even this tiny peanut seems to enjoy it.

maneuvre-8I think the position reminds them of being at home in the womb,” Dr. Hamilton said.

maneuvre-9And doesn’t your little baby heart feel better, too?

happy-sleeping-babySoo relaxed. So soothed.

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