What would Sophie say? What would Sophie do?

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This is a little nifty test to see if you’ve been listening to what I say with your mind, integrating it into what you already know, or with your whole being… If you learned words or if you learned beingness.

When in doubt, when in trouble, when you have a moment of clarity, ask yourself: What would Sophie say? What would Sophie do?

If you have an instant insight, it says one thing. If you are searching in your memory banks: it says another thing. And if you come up blank, that is yet another thing.

I sometimes do that, myself. Why? because Sophie, in these questions, is a consciousness. An active consciousness. A way to look at the world. An attitude. A fresh view of life. A view that is not limited by your personal interest, your group interest, but involves your higher consciousness interest.

One of the ways you know you are ground bound, culture (Dark Side) bound, is that you can’t see beyond what is in it for you, self-importance, self-serving, about you.

No amount of inspiration, no amount of motivation, no amount of reading, or thinking will ever take you out of that limited, ground bound, ant level view.

To be honest with you, I don’t know what I could do to get you out of that view… but I can tell you what I witness, when rarely I witness someone elevate themselves from there, even if it is temporary.

If you want to get to higher ground, raise your vibration, raise your consciousness, raise the number of capacities you use, the first step is to consider that you need to get lighter, you need to get rid of your anchors, your balls and chains, and the nails in your foot.

These are simply different names for your concerns.

The easiest to explain is the nail analogy… it is so vivid, so visceral…

You have a concern. Let’s say, your concern is to be liked, to be likeable.

You’ll spend your life dancing around that concern: that concern is like a nail you have in your foot: your foot is nailed to the floor.

You can only walk around the nailed foot, you can only dance around the nailed foot. There is no chance for walking, running, or doing much of anything that doesn’t involve the nailed foot.

When you let go of a concern, then everything changes, and you can do a lot more things… than dance around the nailed foot.

But, of course, you are afraid. After all you are afraid to lose sight of the concern in fear that it will disappear, it will bite you in the ass…

So, what would Sophie say? You already know what I would do… I would kick the concern to the curb… but what would Sophie say?

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

8 thoughts on “What would Sophie say? What would Sophie do?”

  1. “what would Sophie, say” first thing when a concern is on my arse “slow down, step back, breath , take a look”

  2. ‘Where is your attention’ and ‘Don’t make permanent decision for your temporary emotion’ (the quote in the sidebar I read every time I read a new article) are the most frequent I apply

  3. forever grateful to the Playground, Sophie invaluable teaching, ……thank you

  4. I learned to say “f-it” with gusto; it cleared moments of inner tension so well!

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