As long as you are stuck, no new capacities will be working… Cinematherapy anyone?

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Most people are stuck… movement is not possible. It can be total or it can be partial.

To see where you are stuck is difficult, because the cause, the stuck part can be several layers deep.

A skilled coach or therapist may fail to find the linchpin issue, because in the normal course of a therapy, it is talking, the words, that are masking it.

One of my students in the Reclaim program has chosen to work with the idea of inspiring movies. Using movies to unstuck people is a brilliant method, and also fun. And even if the first movie doesn’t do the trick, time wasn’t wasted, because a good movie is also a great experience.

Reading people’s responses of where their Dark Side is, looking through the idea of using movies to get them moving again, or maybe moving for the first time, is very appealing.

All movies have an element of “healing by proxy”…

You watch the movie, and you place yourself into the character’s shoes, emotionally, and go through whatever they go through, with them.

If I put electronic trackers on you, you actually move with them, you experience their emotions in yourself… it is full proxy.

Most emotions that had been missing for me given the family I grew up in, given the life I had lived, most emotions were not available for me. Especially around love. Pure love… without pain.

Both loving and being loved. Being valued, Being appreciated. Being wanted. Being part of…

They are missing, often, because your soulcorrection excludes you from feeling them. So your path for overcoming the hurdle of the soulcorrection leads through being able to feel those feelings.


movie-for-growthFeeling yourself. Fully. Unabashed, unperturbed, the way you feel.

The good in you, the dark in you, the evil in you.

One of the issues my work brings up is this:

In the normal course of events evolution is “organic”, meaning it happens when its time has come.

It seems to me that for humans to go to the next level, the planet and humanity will need to survive for another many thousands of years, and it doesn’t look good.

I am called to cause this evolution, to create the trigger for it, now.

But, of course, people don’t have the crucial capacities evolved, in fact humans are trained by society to devolve, to withdraw, to experience less and less, to participate in their own life in more and more limited ways.

It seems that no matter how many capacities I turn on, unless those capacities are triggered into action, no difference is made.

Participants in this project can be divided into two groups:

1. they are in expansion mode, they have projects that need those new capacities, so they are active, integrated, working as a team with the other capacities.

2. the other group is stuck. They are in hibernation mode, no need for new capacities, no opportunities to integrate them, so the new capacities actually shut down.

There are linchpin capacities, but even the linchpin capacities are not accepted or not activated if the person is in a dark place. Life Force, also called Human Spirit, is so suppressed in them, that there is no energy.

My theory is that, maybe, the Human Spirit can be awakened even in these “stuck in a dark place” people by using movie therapy.

The goal is to nudge the Human Spirit, the Life Force, to come a little more alive with each nudge, to create enough desire and willingness to grow, so the individual is willing to start a project that can be the “playground” for new capacities.

Because this idea is so new, it will be hit and miss for a while… but I would like to add to the toolbox I’ll use in Reclaim.

For example, the woman who is a retired art teacher, who, at this point wants to get better so she can start a business… could use starting a business to get better.

Or the woman who is sending me songs, and 10-page letters, could put all that desire for love and recognition into a project that makes those seeds grow… instead of wasting them on me.

I could bring as many examples as many stuck person I know… They could all benefit… The right movie, the right guidance.

I may even, eventually, refer some to Meng, my student, who is actually building a business for that… for movie therapy.

Movie therapy to get unstuck from your narrow view, from your self-created misery and limitations, from your delusion that fear prevents you from acting, that hate means that you are a bad person, that you need to be good to be good enough.

So, how would you go about availing yourself to this new method of getting you unstuck?

I will pick my people from those that I had an opportunity to “feel” on an activation webinar. Those who have their attachments removed, and those who have demonstrated that they are willing to at least do something for themselves.

Then, I will put them in Reclaim. Why there? Because that is the system I use now to coach and guide people. It is a bulletin board system, where each person has their own area, where only them and me put messages. I do not talk to anyone on skype or on the phone, unless they book a $200/hr session. Instead it is frequent and brief interactions in writing.

Does it work? It works if you work it.

It is not a psychological coaching. Unless I can see that I can cause you to start a project fast, you’ll be dropped from the program. Mercilessly.

Why? Because only through new projects that you can integrate the new capacities.

I am not concerned by your feelings, by your comfort, by your making your current small life feel better… Go to a therapist for that.

I am concerned for the evolution of humanity… and personally your evolution. Evolution means MORE.

Only through a bigger life, doing more, will you be more, feel more.

I expect a few of you will fit the bill.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “As long as you are stuck, no new capacities will be working… Cinematherapy anyone?”

  1. Thank you very much Sophie for introducing the movie therapy idea so clearly here to readers of your blog. I hope it will be useful and meaningful to those who are interested.

    The Reclaim program has been very helpful to me and instrumental in my growing, developing, and expanding my whole experience and capabilities as a human being. My sincere gratitude and appreciation to you Sophie.

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