The real causes of success and the real causes of no success

galdwell1The majority of people, in fact about 99% of all people, live a life of quiet or not so quiet desperation.
80% of my readers also belong to that majority.

I’d like to address this article to the 20% that is not willing to live a life of quiet or not so quiet desperation, the 20% that is willing to put themselves on the hook for a better life, for growing, for taking risks, for a life worth living.

The theories of success, the books on success, the psychology of success, the technology of success you come across on the internet, in seminars, in books is totally ineffective, useless, and will never and has never changed anyone’s life, anyone’s behavior.


Because, if you are not successful already, if you are not growing already, it has a reason, but not the reason they say, wrong beliefs, and the subconscious and other garden variety horse manure they point at.

If that stuff worked, we would not be having this conversation. We would all be off doing what we do, and enjoy our successes.

Whether my technology, DNA capacity activation will produce success or not, is waiting to be seen. It is a brand new technology.

So far I see results with people who were already successful… they are now enjoying more success, more creativity, more freedom, more fulfillment.

With people who were never successful… so far I am not seeing results. Because quiet desperation has proven to be more powerful than the call of success, the call of growth.

To learn what we are up against, I recommend that you read the only book thus far that looks at success with an eye that isn’t trying to make success your birth right, that is truthful, note dope.

This book is Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers.

I have uploaded the pdf version of the book to the paid subscribers area pdf of the book.

Read it, please, if you want to work with me at all.

I am reading the book that had I read before I started this work of activation of capacities, I would probably never have started.

I would have been intimidated into thinking that what I intended to do was impossible, because those capacities, according to the current state of science, do not live in the DNA.

The DNA is still largely not understood. It is a computer program, telling the organism hot to grow, how to live.

Even scientists that specialize in the DNA don’t know much of anything about the DNA… because they don’t know a lot about humans… I guess.

The book I am reading, Malcolm Gladwell’s Outliers… is about the causes of success… looked at in a different way than is customary.

Interesting that a journalist can see more than a scientist… but then again, I am not a scientist either.

But the book is an eye opener.

I have put the pdf of the book in the paid membership area… I beg you to read it.

“Hard work is a prison sentence only if it does not have meaning.”
“In order for work to be rewarding, there must be a correlation between effort and reward.”
“No one who can rise before dawn 360 days a year fails to make his family rich.”

-Malcolm Gladwell, author of Outliers, The Tipping Point, and Blink.

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