What is the button I could push that would make you do what you need to do to grow?

why is there no big red button?Today was my errands day. It is also the only day during the week when I talk to anyone.

And as you know, talking when I have echo, someone who hears me is the most meaningful activity for me.

I did have private clients for massage, and I did it for 16 years… Giving a massage is not meaningful for me. So I picked and chose, and filtered, and screened the people that wanted a massage: If I didn’t feel that there will be a meaningful conversation, that I would be heard, I didn’t take them as a client.

Hey, it’s my life, and my fulfillment is what it is supposed to be organized around.

I am unabashed that what is important to me is the most important thing for me, bar none.

So being more influential, hearing more echo from you is always on my mind, because it is not working. Not working for me.

There is a fake wall between us, the kind that hides a secret passage behind the book-case in movies… where you touch at a non-descript spot, and the bookshelf slides away or turns on it hinges like a door.

Today’s discussion was about that… and I have to admit I still have no idea where to touch so the invisible, fake wall between us goes away.

At this point you want instant gratification, a gift, a flip of my magic wand, and you have it, and life is wonderful thereafter.

I talk myself hoarse telling you that that is not how it works, and you humor me, and yea-yeah me, but I know you are lying. All of you. Lying. through your teeth.

So I wonder what is in the way. How come you don’t believe that growth is a process, and your role in it is more important than mine?

That doing something once won’t get you there?

That coming to webinars, listening to recordings, connecting to Source will not do anything for you, unless you use what you get, and use it constructively?

That thinking about it won’t make a difference. Even getting insights…

mRoZr5pI could quote here long testimonial sounding emails, that say the opposite, but I know better.

The turning point for me, the sudden awareness for me was back in 2004? 2005? I have shared this before, but repetition is the mother of learning, so here you go again.

I participated in the Millionaire Mind Intensive, 3 jam packed days. We all got a booklet, the 90-day wealth conditioning system, and we had to make a public promise to follow it to the T.

I did, and so did about two thousand others.

There was a kind of reunion in 30 days. I took the bus from Syracuse to Manhattan, so I was very early. I met and greeted every person who came, until too many people came at the same time. All in all, I spoke with 50 people.

I asked the same question from each: Did you do the 90-day wealth conditioning? Without exception they said no.

I did, and my net worth was up 15K. in 30 days.

Theirs didn’t change.

The daily todo list in the 90 day book takes about 10 minutes to complete. But they ask you about your day, where you either had successful actions or not. You either used the distinctions you spent 60 hours to learn, or not.

I did, and they didn’t.

Some of the exercises make sense to me to this day. Some don’t. But I did them because I said I would.

And the financial upswing came, although I could not see the connection.

Now, I could have been my arrogant self, and say: I know better, and do it my way, or not do it at all.

But I promised, and I did.

90-day-wealth-conditioningIt is that simple. Exercises are designed to activate something, or use something that is dormant.

You are not the authority… because you can’t see it from where you are.

So you promise… so you don’t have to think, worry, hesitate, you do. And even if it doesn’t make sense to your conscious mind, you are practicing something that you didn’t know you had…

And that is the process of growing, that is the process of expanding. That is also the process of raising your vibration.

I will create, I think, my own 90-day growth creating conditioning book. Even though wealth is a good indicator of where you are, how many capacities you are using, many of you would rather be poor than wealthy. I don’t care… But why are you here? To stay the same?

It feels like you are spitting on me.

PS: if you cannot, could not see, that a wealth conditioning system grows you to become someone who can be wealthy, healthy, happy, and peaceful, then you urgently need the Flexibility capacity to be activated, because you are stuck in one way of looking at the world… And if you have it activated, and yet you still think that wealth conditioning is not for you, then you never exercised your new capacity… the easiest capacity to keep alive, because you can always ask: is there another way I could look at this? Can’t you? Ask, I said, not answer.

here is the link to buy the Flexibility capacity, if you find yourself locked into not ever looking in more than one way.

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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

2 thoughts on “What is the button I could push that would make you do what you need to do to grow?”

  1. Sophie, I’ve privately thanked you for this advice but let me publicly thank you as well.

    A couple of weeks ago, I subscribed to your free material site and came across the 90-day wealth conditioning. I had never heard of T. Harv Eker or The Millionaire Mind. I read the 90-day packet and decided I wanted more information and ordered the source material, “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” on Amazon.

    I got 40 pages into the book and asked myself…when and where is the next 3-day seminar? I looked online and, lo and behold, there was one in Sacramento, California a few days later. (I live in North Carolina). Lo and behold, I found an unbelievable last-minute cross-country airfare for $350. I snagged the ticket and flew out to attend the seminar, 60 hours of accelerated learning.

    The biggest breakthrough: I saw how my make-money-lose-money financial blueprint was directly tied to the “unworthy” storyline I’ve embraced since childhood. Once I arrived home, I dived into the 90-day program with an enthusiasm and clarity of purpose I didn’t have before.

    NOTE: you don’t have to attend the 3-day seminar to reap the benefits of the 90-day conditioning. The lesson for me, however, was clear: I had to get off my butt and mooooooo-ving, even if it meant taking a leap of faith 3000 miles away.

    So today, here I sit, energized. Accompanied with Sophie’s constant call to action here daily, I feel major energy shifting and am so grateful I found this site. There’s more to the story but I think you get the gist.

    Sophie, I want you to know you ARE being heard out here. We’ve just got to increase our end of the echo! Thanks, LG

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