Possibilities in Landmark Education equal DNA capacities… but does declaring a possibility turn a capacity on?

possibility-of-being-lovingThe Landmark Education shortcut that doesn’t work:

“the possibility I declare for myself and my life”
“the possibility I invent for myself and my life” 1 you are taught in Landmark Education. Declaration is a verbal way to speak something into being… being… not feeling, not action, but being. But it doesn’t work, unfortunately. Why? Let’s find out…

landmark self expression and leadership program

The problem with Landmark Education

Landmark Education is the watered down brainchild of Werner Erhard.

I started participating when Werner was still part of it. He said things it’s taken me 30 years to get, but he said it. He himself was struggling with them.

Werner had 20 being capacities, which means that most of what he ever said came from thinking. Yet, 20 capacities of being is rich. In comparison, a good Landmark Forum Leader has 10 being capacities.

Joe DiMaggio has 23, Nancy Zapolski has 30 being capacities. David Cunningham: 10.

The weirdest thing I witnessed in Landmark Education was when Nancy Zapolski attempted to train SELP leaders, 2.

Being an empath it was absolutely clear to me whether she got through to someone or not.

In a room full of leaders, she got through to no one.

Landmark Education is in the business of creating people who live out of beingness, whose actions come out of beingness.

They call a beingness capacity Possibility.

Admirable, and the right direction. Wrong tools.

An average Landmark participant has seven being capacities open. This means that most of them have less than seven, given that getting a degree in most professions is impossible without being capacities.

The problem is this: when you talk about being that is not open as a capacity, in the DNA, the talk is received in the mind… and mind isn’t able to create being.

The mind fancies itself that it can turn words into beingness, but it cannot.

I came to the United States just after participating in my first Werner program in Israel. I had more capacities open than the course leader: I had 20, he had 10. Maybe that is why he shut me down when I attempted to share something in broken Hebrew. Compassion, empathy weren’t part of his being capacities.

I used Landmark, then still Werner Erhard and associates… as my personal training ground: I participated in every course and training program I was allowed to take. One of them was called the Assistant Program: it was free, it was intense, and it was perfect. I learned to move gracefully, like a shadow. I learned respect. I learned awe. I learned being there for another without anything of mine being there to block it. I learned to listen for the context. I learned humility. I learned to allowing, accepting, service, and probably more.

Some programs took me through the Valley of the Shadow of Death… ego death… it was harsh. But I got through it.

I wasn’t your garden variety participant: I worked on my transformation, I worked for everything, I took nothing at face value, I needed to invent it for myself.

I worked on every beingness… generosity, brilliant, contribution, service, authenticity… for years. That is how I turned on an additional 19 being capacities.

Capacities are like musical instruments: you can play bossa nova, or you can play Mozart. You can play hard rock, or you can play chamber music. Same instruments can be in all of them.

I am interested in going deeper.

And I am more interested than anything in being an inspiring leader of leaders. Causing causing.

I am nowhere near even making a dent in that… why? Because it is not up to me. It is up to others. It is up to you.

I can get blue in the face, if you are not up for causing, I cannot cause you to cause.

Causing your life, causing your beingness, causing your evolution.

It’s been an overuse of the being capacity of staying in the game, never give up, never be the one who says: impossible.

I know it is possible. It is printed in your DNA. I also know that it may not happen.

And I need to be OK with that, I need to be willing to live a life with no results.

When I send someone to do the Landmark Forum, they NEVER come back. They find a home in there… and think that they are the cream of the crop…

It’s an illusion. Being blind among the blind.

The illusion is that you can get to beingness through speaking… Not true.

It is as if you fancied that you can turn wheat flour back into a seed that will sprout and grow more wheat…

Words come from beingness, like flour comes from wheat berries… not the other way around.

If a beingness capacity is open in your DNA, you can COME from there, look at things from there, but you cannot get to a beingness through speaking any words. I wish you could, but reality is reality.

But aren’t emotions the same as beingness?

There is an experiment to test that your smile or frown influences your physiology while you are watching movie clips.

They test it with instruments. But none of those, the smile or the frown will influence your beingness.

In fact, your beingness influences your emotions, because of who (beingness, Self)  is observing the upsetting, or sad, or tragic or funny, inspiring, etc. movie clips.

If you don’t have a strong core beingness, when you watch movie clips, you are washed away. When I watch movie clips, I, the who, the beingness, is observing, instead of being washed away. Mostly but not always. Sometimes even I don’t stand in my beingness… 🙁

OK, I am a little lost… what am I talking about? lol

I think Landmark could be great

Landmark. I am not joining the critics, the haters, the mob that attacks Landmark. I think Landmark could be great… if people had, first, some capacities activated, so they have access to some, to a few beingness capacities, so they can comprehend what the heck Werner was talking about.

And if they knew, the Landmark top people, what is missing, they would start working on the leaders’ being capacities.

I wasn’t appreciated while I was in Landmark. I surely don’t suspect they would want what I have to offer now.

One of the things Landmark does that limits it, is prohibit its many leaders to participate in any other discipline… in fear of being stolen, tainted, I don’t know. In that regard Landmark is a lot like religion.

They had, maybe still have a stint with Sai Maa, who has 13 beingness capacities active… Osho only had 10… ugh.

OK, I am appalled by that.

Wherever you are on the continuum of five to 160 capacities, you can get higher. Either through a lot of hard work, or through DNA capacity activation, plus three days of practice.

Before you ask a capacity, make sure you fully comprehend what the practice is… or the capacity will close back again.

There are 160 possible beingness capacities

There are 160 possible beingness capacities… I have a preference that you start with flexibility… but chances are you have no idea how to tell apart feelings from yourself… so it may not be for you.

Start with something you can wrap your head around. Something not too complicated. Something that is close to how you already feel or behave.

Of course, you may have a hard time to find anything you want to feel, and feel it. In the Second Phase Activators course, unbeknownst to me, I activated the feeling capacities of most being capacities.

That was probably the most important step for me to be able to access being capacities that were alien to me back in 2012. Activate the feelings. Like feeling love, caring, patience, compassion, inspiration, humility, pride, etc.

The course activated 100 feeling capacities. Unless you have persistence, consistency, and loving hard work… you won’t stick to it. But if you are lucky, you’ll be able to get a few feelings successfully activated, and then you can ask me to activate the beingness capacity as well, for those feelings.

Complicated? Maybe.

Did you expect evolution to be simple and easy?

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  1. the words that follow are: the possibility of being prosperous, happy, powerful, free, happy, passionately happy, blah blah blah… inspiring for a moment. A moment. Not even a day. I checked google and a grand total of 4 pages had the exact words… don’t you think it’s telling? I do…
  2. SELP=Self Expression and Leadership Program

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