DNA capacity: Deserving… Being Deserving

bing deservingSome 12 years ago I was in a training program to lead introductory seminars… in essence sell a program in live 3-hour seminars.

The woman who trained us had a steady 80% effectiveness, meaning out of every 10 people, 8 shelled out $500 dollars to do a 3-day course.

The average number for the hundreds of introduction leaders in the world was about 20%… two out of ten attendees.

When we asked what was her secret, she said: I have an attitude: “Of course they register”.

Now, depending on where you are on the deserving scale, this probably sounds to you entitled, arrogant, or stupid wishful thinking.

Even then I knew she was onto something. I felt it. I felt that she was deserving of spending her time effectively with people who hear her. And I felt that she included every single person in that being deserving… the attendees of her introductions, and myself.

She was an aloof person, I think I never managed to catch her direct glance in the year or so that I had known her. She didn’t go out of her way to be kind, understanding, or helpful. And yet you had an experience that she gave you everything.

When her mom died, she was deserving to spend her time grieving.

She was deserving. Her name was Aimee, and she could get anything she wanted, because light goes where it is deserved and shared. Why? Because deserving is a good home for the light.

Most of us squander the light that accidentally arrives to us. We look at the teeth of the gift horse… in a way. Or we don’t know what to do with the light we received. Or we let it die.

For most of us are like the sidewalk: if a seed falls on us it will die, as surely as we are dead… dead… dead… dead…

Or we are like a black hole… greedy and wanting… and disappear the light from everywhere. Like a Hoover… sucking up light from everyone. Death follows us in our step.

Why would we be like that?

Two answers I see:

  1. Your soul correction: every soul correction is about a particular relationship to the Dark Side, to Evil, to the Desire for the Self Alone.

    Once you master seeing, distinguishing, and owning your way of Evil… you can hope to be a worthy recipient of light.

  2. Your grief unresolved in some childhood issue. Your issue.

    Traditionally it is solved in talk therapy… but beware.

    Words weaken the ability to look and see. Somehow the words cover up your memory of things, and then direct them, away from reality.

    Your job is to use your inner eyes, wordlessly. To see what happened from many different vantage points, and just see them. Do not explain: explaining is words. Do not try to tell someone else… just look and see. And if you do speak, do not speak from the mind, speak from seeing… in the moment, right now. Do not qualify what you see. Allow it to be a movie that speaks for itself.

    Most of you have been doing it the wrong way.

    Now, when you see it, step out from behind your eyeballs and see the whole thing again from the side… again, no words, just the pictures, like a movie.

    See it. 99% of all issues get resolved… unless you speak. So don’t.

Deserving is a DNA capacity, that cannot stay open without you doing the work of the soul, and completing your “issue”.

Sometimes the issue was that people were stingy, abusive, evil with other people… No one seems to consider it “their issue” but it can be.

I had an experience in 1956 Jews being hung by their feet, their pants open… killed for being Jews. I am still not done with that issue.

Until you complete… neutralize every issue, you cannot be completely deserving and will squander the light or hoard the light instead of using it well.

As long as you are a squanderer or a black hole, the light will avoid you. You need to be deserving.

Remember: distinguishing is knowing, exactly, what something isn’t…

In another article we’ll look at actions and feelings that are incompatible with being deserving.

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