What can Columbo teach us after 30 years? In becoming an expanding human being…

What does Columbo can teach us after 30 years?Do you remember Columbo? The detective in his rumpled trench coat?

I watched all Columbo episodes I could while still in Hungary, it was that long ago.

In one of those episodes a person got suddenly thirsty and went out for a coke, during a movie in a cinema… And I don’t remember if he was killed, or he was set up…

I don’t remember, because the show was about subliminal messages spliced into the movies to increase coke drinking, etc.

The length of exposure is very brief, an it is in the middle of an interesting movie, so your mind doesn’t know you saw anything, but your behavior will show you that you saw something: you suddenly have an urge… an urge to run, an urge to stay, an urge to do something.

I am sharing this with you, because of a recent experience I had: watching a Canadian TV series on Netflix.

It made no sense for me to watch it. It made no sense for me to continue… I didn’t like it. It was slow, it was pretentious.

I muscle tested, and the series is Dark Side.

So yesterday I finally broke its hypnotic hold on me… It wasn’t unlike stopping smoking, which I know… I used to be a smoker. It kept on returning to my thoughts, and it kept beckoning to me.

So I stopped doing what I’ve been doing, and put all my attention on this unusual phenomenon.

I forgot to say that watching this series also put me in a depressed, hopeless state.

My question was: is this, maybe, why Canada is home to hopelessness? And home to pretense, denial, lying?

inauthentic-happiness image35You, Canadians, aren’t to blame. You, Canadians, are just like anyone else, living in an environment that somehow condones inauthenticity, pretending, hiding anger and hate, nice-nice, polite, dead.

The series I watched, Murdoch, was subliminally suggestive.

Is it slides spliced in the series? I don’t know. In the United States, where I live, it is an illegal action. But whether it is subliminal through slides, or subliminally instructive, it doesn’t matter.

It puts and promotes the culture of polite and dead, of hiding your wounds, your hate, your anger, and never confronting it. 1


And when that is all you are exposed to, like me during the four days of Christmas when I had no echo, it starts working on you in earnest.

A few words about echo: Who you are comes from the inside… so when you are living life, who you are expresses itself in your actions.

That is why I can say: how you do anything is how you do everything. Because who you are is expressed in your actions, consistently.

That is because the nature of the Universe is holographic. Another way to say that: the nature of the universe is fractal. It repeats its elements down to the tiniest, down to the microscopic.

Why? I don’t know. It is, on the other hand, a very useful knowledge.

You can stop pretending that you are X, if your actions say Y.

Now, what does it say about me that a subliminal Dark Side movie made me feel depressed, hopeless, and wanting to die? Or more precisely said: observe my feelings, my body, and my thoughts react with feelings and thoughts of depression, and hopelessness.

Being true to my nature of tearing down idols… let me tear me down… OK?

You, I can see, that at the level of body, at the level of cells, at the level of emotion, I show hopelessness, and depression. Not sadness… but a tendency to throw it all away.

Had you watched me during those four days… I did what I always do. I had no outward signs of any of it. I, the me, the Self, the Observer was watching it with curiosity, and occasionally, when the lights were turned off, I even followed the thoughts down the rabbit hole.

You have your own cellular fractal nature… it is hate, or anger, or victim, or coward, or liar… whatever it is, it is not you. But subliminal messages, messages from your environment, and especially from people who think love you, make it near impossible to just observe it but be, on the beingness level, growing, and making your life not coming from that core, but from the core of Self.

That is what soul correction is, I believe.

But until you learn to watch the stirrings of the Dark Side within, hate, judgmentalness, anger, superiority, condescending, know-it-all, resistant, belligerent… whatever you have lived as if you were that… you’ll always go to the other extreme, and fall victim to subliminal influences.

The main job of the Dark Side is to keep you a serf… to keep you out of balance, to keep you from becoming an Expanding Human Being.

An Expanding Human Being is an intermediate stage between human and god.

At the present time there are eight people on that level. Out of seven billion… It takes courage, and it takes a strong self, the ability to stay in the self and observe everything else.

I have a strong need for echo… hearing myself… like a blind man. Like the Daredevil. Like Hundred Eyes from Marco Polo.

That is my Kryptonite.


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  1. California is close second!

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