The lesson in Person of Interest for me and for the Light work we do here

person of interest dark side the lightThere is a TV show I’ve watched on Netflix that depicts what we, humanity, and what we, me and my students, are up against.

The show is called “Person of Interest”

Of course, all the things I am talking about are under the hood. Nothing is like anything relevant that is on the surface… So if you have a habit to compare apples to oranges and not see the similarities, commonalities, this is not going to work for you.

The storyline is that a brilliant programmer creates a program that uses the cameras and databases to watch over the lives of Americans.

He sells it to the government for $1 but retains access to it, and saves lives with the messages the “Machine” sends him.

Concurrently, another programmer creates another program, Samaritan, which does the same, but the created did not program in humanity and kindness and no killing.

POI_0401_Garrison_Possible_ThreatA British outfit takes control of Samaritan, the US government, and tries to eliminate The Machine to become god. The only god.

You see it is a fight between the Light and the Dark Side. The tools are the tools we all know.

But what if… what if it is not a science fiction, or not really?

What if there is Light (Source) and Dark Side… whoever is sending those horrid emotions and suggestions to you daily.

awaken-the-force-withinBoth the Light and DS work through emotions and thoughts and energies.

It is the Dark Side that dominates: 70% of everything comes from the Dark Side, and only 30% of everything comes from the Light, from the Life Force, for kindness, and caring, and benevolence.

It’s hopeless. The Dark Side is gaining ground, and the Light is losing…

The question to me: who am I going to be in this losing war?

Am I going to soldier on?
Am I going to throw in the towel?
Am I going to sell out for temporary gains?

You could ask the same questions, but I don’t think you will… And it’s OK.

Cowardice, cowardliness is the number one ally of the Dark Side. The desire for temporary gains is another.

If it is not worth fighting on alone, then it is not worth fighting.

dark side vs the lightI just finished watching season 4, and I learned on thing I hadn’t thought of: in the series, the Machine helps its handful of army (4 people) to keep it alive, to save it.

What if the Light is actually doing the same, guiding me the best it can? Guiding me to fight for it, guiding me to save it?

In the new weekend webinar series we’ll do an interesting exercise, and exercise you can do a 100 times, and it is still new!

The results will delight you, scare you, empower you, and if you have what it takes, the results can change your life to the better.

Eliminate some cowardliness too… I hope.

The webinars are open to subscribers… meaning you have to receive email from me.


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