Goal setting and other usual activities for January… should you set goals?

take consistent small steps towards the horizonYou want to teach what you need yourself. Why? Because that way you can teach from your own learning experience, instead of tree of knowledge.

So far so good… but…

Some things almost lie outside of your reach… you can never really learn them, I think.

For me, it is seeing and following a set path. I see the value in it, after all you can just turn into a zombie, and still reach where you are heading.

When it comes to driving, I am OK with it.

But when it comes to life, a project… I can’t see it, I can’t follow it, I don’t want to do it.

And, given that this is January, everybody and their brother is preaching to have your plan and to work your plan.

For me, it’s like going willingly to the gallows.

So, how do I do it?

I mentioned that I just finished watching season 4 of the series ‘Person of Interest’.

In that the two ‘teams’, good and evil, The Machine and Samaritan, are different in a lot of ways.

The Machine people have values, peace, order, human lives, saving innocents.
The Samaritan people have a goal: world dominance, people without choice, cleaning up (killing) outliers who are different and therefore are enemies.

Samaritan has a path, The Machine has values. Even in the last episode, The Machine tells its creator: I never learned to win… so I had to improvise.

Winning is a goal… a goal that overrides values. The Machine didn’t learn that… and neither did I.

So I start in a direction, guided by my values, my vague vision of people fulfilling the destiny given by the DNA… and listen. I listen keenly. I listen for guidance. When the guidance is late, or not coming, I despair… The guidance has been coming, and it is also vague.

It is as if evolution were happening right now, not like there is already a path, the order the capacities need to be activated, or any of it.

I see the next step only when it’s needed. Not many people are built for this kind of journey… no certainty, no clarity, no security, no falling asleep and still arriving.

Now, the million dollar question: What can you learn for yourself from this?

Think that what you can learn is that each of us are different, and just because someone successful uses one method, it doesn’t mean it will work for you or me.

Your job is to see what are your strongest points and also what are your weakest points.

Come from your strengths…

For example, my strongest point is that I never forget what I am about. But I may forget what I’d like to accomplish…

For example, I’d like to throw away most of my stuff. But I forget why… So I wrote a note, the only note on my desk, saying: Move to a studio apartment.

That, gently, reminds me why and what… and I am catching myself now throwing some stuff away. This is my process, by the way:

Having ever so gentle reminders. But not of what to do, but to the context, the why of the actions. And that is another thing you need to get clear about… why you want the result you want.

Without getting clearer and cleared about what works for you, what works about you, and what is hopelessly not working… you’ll never be able to change anything, or achieve anything.

And until you get clear of what you want your life to be about, not a goal, all your actions will be misdirected, a should, a duty, a chore, and all the joy will go out of doing them.


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