The original wrong that can’t be fixed because it is a lie

crime-sceneI have started a series of webinar workshops today. I went into it unprepared… I simply forgot that I was supposed to get prepared.

Result: I saw something about myself that is the biggest thing I have seen in the past 29 years.

I saw that in spite of all the work I have done, and all the capacities I have open, and the vibration, and my constant connection to Source, I am still being run by a lie I made up when I was little: that I lived on borrowed time.

That I was unwelcome, and I don’t belong. That the other shoe will drop… That I will be thrown out.

I saw it because I was unprepared.

As I was working with people to see what’s missing in the area they picked to work on, I was using myself as an example. Every time I went there, I went a step deeper… and at the sixth person, maybe the seventh, I saw… It was horrible. And it is glorious.

Only when you can see what’s running you that you can claim back your power.

The-Unfixable-Thought-MachineThe original lie, I call it. It is different for each person, and it is not going anywhere. You can’t fix it, you can’t forget about it, you can’t replace it with something better…

And in addition to it being unfixable, it is artful at hiding, at shape-shifting, at duping you into believing that it is gone.

This is the “original being”. This lie. And your whole life sits on this being.

Is that lie always bad? A lie is always bad because it always interferes with anyone to directly interface with reality. It sets up a bunch of filters… Whether the original being was good or bad… though I suspect it is always bad…

But just for an experiment, imagine that your original lie is that you are brilliant. And the truth is that you are just a human with a fallible human brain with the limited perspective of a human.

Do you think a life laid over this lie is going to be better than a life laid over the lie of “I am clueless?” Think again.

Having seen this hiding foundation for my life, I can now choose to live or die.

It wasn’t really a choice before this webinar.

all models are wrong, but some are usefulNow, will you discover something equally monumental on the webinar? I am not promising anything.

You’ll discover what you are ready for right now.

The purpose of the webinar, from my point of view, is to test if you’d co-creatively activate a new capacity that was discovered as needed on this workshop.

Because nothing is less rewarding that activating capacities and then watch them struggle and die. It’s like giving birth to children that die. OK, maybe not that bad, but still…

OK, if you were on the webinar, here is the link to buy your new activator:
and if you want to add a 3-day support to it: here is the link to pay for that.

And if you haven’t done this new workshop or what to do it again, here is the link to subscribe and then register


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