Clueless… why clueless people don’t see themselves clueless?

I am fineClueless

When we say we are clueless, it means that we don’t know. We feel like we are in a fog where every direction looks equally bleak… we don’t start, because we want to go in the right direction.

Now, is that clueless, or is that feeling clueless?

Let’s look at an example:

More than 100 thousand pages talk about DNA activation. Thousands on thousands of people look for that.

They are promised instant enlightenment, whatever that is.

Now, the truth is, there is no instant enlightenment. There is nothing instant, neither healing, nor DNA activation.

It is true that the light can be turned on with the flick of a switch, but you won’t see anything for a little while…

Even hearing is not instant… it takes the sound to go through filters until it reaches the mind and comprehension results.

Now, the question is: the person who sells this, and the person who buys it: are they clueless or do they feel clueless?




CluelessThey are clueless. If they felt clueless they would be a lot more intelligent. 1 After all, if you knew anything about how reality works, you would not fall for fraudulent, good-sounding promises like this.

So, I can safely say, that people looking for DNA activation, are miracle seeker fools, and the sellers of DNA activation are marketeers… aka frauds.

Now, with that said, I have been doing DNA capacity activations for two months now… am I one of those fools or frauds?

I don’t think so… But what is the difference between what they are selling and what I am selling?

People are selling self-service DNA activation… you do it for yourself.

Why are they not selling it as a service? Because the fact that it doesn’t work would create a flurry of refunds and a flurry of fraud complaints.

When you sell someone a course on become a healer, or activate their DNA, they are twice removed from being able to verify the truth of the offer, the truth of the method.

Tricky and clever, eh?

Theta Healing was the first thing I saw this done. I checked every single Theta Healing practitioner and teacher: none of them enter theta brain wave mode… but they feel like it, or if they don’t, they feel it’s their fault.

I then read the reconnection book… it claims that you are, by reading that book, a reconnecting practitioner. And if you aren’t… well, that is your fault.

Neither of them really say anything about you: they say: here is a shower, get wet… And if you don’t, it’s your fault.

Not true.

Energy healing, energy transmission cannot be taught. I cannot even teach anyone really to connect to Source… and that sounds even a lot easier.

I have one student who connects fully… but even she doesn’t connect on the second or the third level, only the first.

You cannot call down a Source energy from the first level. You can muscle test. But energies, precise energies to do precise things… she can’t do it.

So, one of the differences between the marketeers of DNA activation and me is this: I do it myself. And if it doesn’t work: I know it. When I am done with you, I muscle test if you have the capacity.

And I tell you, offer coaching, on how to keep the capacity open.

While you do the work to keep it open, you need to do actions that you cannot do without the capacity being open.

How many of the people can keep a capacity open? Sadly, it is 10% at this time. Horrible, but true.

But why? Because it is not enough to want a capacity… you also need to do things that it seems you don’t want to do. If you want the result but not the work, the capacity will probably turn off by itself.

Through experimentation, I have found this to be true. So I now offer specific coaching: if you do what you need to do, a few times in the three days following the activation, the turning on of the capacity, it has a 90% chance to stay on forever.

What happens if the capacity turns off? Do I activate it again, for free?

I have tried that, and it didn’t work.

The belief that the person doesn’t have to do anything, continued… so all those activated-again capacities turned off, again.

So, now I make people pay again. And make them promise to do what they need to do.

But even with the 3-day coaching offer, for a pittance, the number of people that take advantage of it is very low.

  • Some people are arrogant and won’t ask for help. They know everything already… they pretend.
  • Others completely forget that they are supposed to do something.
  • And yet others have no idea how to get help… what to ask… they never bothered to understand what they are supposed to do.

Clueless? You tell me.


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  1. One person feels clueless all the time, and yet, she was smart enough to ask questions, experiment, and produce the result she was after.

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