Is Sophie enlightened? Has Sophie attained to whatever people attain to?

St Sophie, lolOften (too often!) people write to me telling me that I am not supposed to get angry, not supposed to be stingy, not supposed to be on thing or another… Why? Because enlightened means, according to them, forever joyful, forever happy, and rich, rich, rich.

So, what is the truth about enlightenment? Is there such a thing at all?

The answer depends on who you ask, but whoever you ask: they are speaking from Tree of Knowledge.

Why? Because if you say “I am enlightened” according to scriptures you are lying.
And if you say “I am not enlightened” you don’t know what you are talking about…

Enlightened is a trick. Just like it is a trick to call Jesus (if he existed at all) the son of god.

It is to feed the masses with inferiority… you are not like that. Creating a caste system.

Or alternatively, since the last century, anyone who can say ohm, and sit in the lotus position is “an enlightened master 1 “, a guru, and your job is touch their feet and sit with them so you can entrain yourself to their vibration.

But my measurements of any guru is that they were and are low vibration, full of anxiety, impostor syndrome, who abused their power and had no integrity.

So the so-called enlightenment, looking through the “enlightened ones” is a scam to create a them and you… hunger and greed for enlightenment, no mind, silence, and such.

So the result is more anxiety, more pretense, and more misery. Wahoo… success?!

My claim to fame is not what I have attained to. My claim to fame is that I don’t ask you to do anything I am not willing to do, and 90% of the time I actually do, when I ask you to do it.

My claim to fame is I am a “man of understanding” using Osho’s wording, Osho’s expression. That simply means that I don’t say something from my head, I look, I see, I say.

And given the number of years that I have been doing this, I see a lot more than anyone I know, and a lot more accurately. That is not to say that I am accurate 100% of the time. According to muscle test, I am accurate 93% of the time. 7% of the time I am off. How off? Off…

Compared to the 2%-10% truth value of others, I am up there, but I am not 100%.

Now, with that in mind, that is only when I speak. And mostly when I speak about you to you.

When it comes to me, I am wrong 20% of the time. Why? Because it is very hard to see your own self.

So if I lived till 120, I still would not see myself accurately, even though it is a daily occurrence that I see something I was wrong about.

Can you be with me, can you trust me if I am only accurate 93% of the time? And that with double-checking myself with muscle test, really frequently… Without that I would be wrong a lot more often.

Some people, especially if your soul correction is “Silent Partner”, have a serious issue with trust.

It is because you are afraid to trust yourself. Because you have an eye for mistakes you make… and you even pay more attention than others.

So your issue with self-trust is projected to others in the world, and you’ll have a hard time trusting me.

One of the fundamental missings, for a lot of people, is self-trust, the ability to say: if I screw up: I can handle it. If I succeed, I can handle that too.

Self-trust is the ability to say: I can handle it.

When self trust is turned on and is working, you stop resisting, you stop procrastinating, you stop avoiding what you are not sure about… and become an expanding human going on expanding human being.

Because lack of self-trust is preventing you from that…

The activation is, on your end, is quite simple: you need to do, for three days, things you are not used to doing: taking risky steps, talking to strangers, asking for help, taking wrong turns driving, taking on assignment you are not sure you can fulfill but are going to.

It will not eliminate fear: I am still afraid from new things… but I am rarely stopped by them. Now that I have included being homeless as something I can be with… I can see that I can handle a lot more… Jail? dealing with authorities? Still scares the living out of me… So self-trust is 70% working.

And this is what you should expect with every capacity: it is a 1-100% thing… For example, generosity is only 30% active and working for me. I still interrupt people, I still connect their success with my no-success and react with anger…

Whether I am “enlightened” or not, I am still human.

PS: If self-trust is your big issue, here is the link to order the activation of self-trust, and here is the link to order the 3-day coaching after you paid for the capacity activation.


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  1. I just found a new “enlightened master” Ibrahim Hassan in Egypt. He has 10 spiritual capacities, personal vibration 170, and truth value less than 1%
    enlightened masterspiritually aware: having a good and accurate grasp on how reality is… This is the dictionary meaning. When I listen to people, they say: enlightened with reverence… so, I guess, their meaning is something like approaching god-like.
    enlightened master ibrahimibrahim-hassanI both listened to this person, and watched this person with the audio off… Both times I felt his impostor syndrome, I felt that he listen with the mind and speaks from the mind. None of what he says is his personal experience. Fake…
    enlightened master ibrahim hassanAs I said, bs artist.

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2 thoughts on “Is Sophie enlightened? Has Sophie attained to whatever people attain to?”

  1. Thank you Sophie! I’m definitely one that questions anyone who tells me how “enlightened and spiritual” they are… I love your clarification that self-trust is “I can handle it.”

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