You bought a 3-day coaching from me… email coaching, to keep the newly activated spiritual capacity alive. And I can feel that you are waiting for me to do something.

spottingIf we were in sport, you behave as if the coach’s job is to come pick you up drive you to the field, and tell you what to do.

What is coaching?

Coaching is the coach making you do what you don’t want to do so you can be all you can be.

But… Only someone who is in action can be coached.

So, unless you are doing what you think the assignment is, you are not in action.
Unless you report to me what you are doing and how you are doing it… you are not in action

You paid for coaching, but coaching is impossible… because coaching begins with you doing and letting me know.

I know you meant to hire me for $25 so that I can do for you what you are not willing to do. That is not coaching, that is saving, rescuing, and no matter what I do, your capacity won’t stay open, because you didn’t do what you needed to do.

My site says: energy assisted transformation.

It doesn’t say: I give you some energy and you’ll be transformed.

Assisting is like the spotter’s job in sports: unless the person assisted is doing what they are supposed to do, nothing can be assisted.

I know, the world is promising you results without you having to carry your own weight.

They are lying to you.

And I bet you know that you are lying to yourself.

With that said: I answer your emails, I write articles, all to support you to do the work you committed to when you asked me to activate that spiritual capacity.

I can see that some of those answer would be useful to repeat here, publicly… so let me start adding those here.

  • Generosity activated, soul correction “sharing the light”

    Really getting, because I know I am “Stupid” I cannot do this alone my putting myself down/superior behaviour is just a cover for my stingy self, have not always seen it so clearly used as a cover to” fit-in” to what? I have no idea! I have something to offer sounds a lot more exciting.

    My answer: Generosity is a b-it-ch… and all the ways you are not generoust will come up. The more comes up the deeper it will be activated.

    What do I mean? You cannot activate something and have a positive experience. If you do, you didn’t go deep enough. You skimmed the surface.

    Looking into the abyss, lack of generosity, for example, stingyness, superiority, stepping on others to make yourself feel bigger… is ugly. If you don’t see it: hey, what are you doing here? Surely not the work.

    Self-trust activated

    After you activated yesterday I feel a bit lighter and not as fearful as usual but items seems to come in every now and then. On a physical level maybe I feel that my entire body will jerk contract for a millisecond every now and then.

    I think that it is a big deal for me and and underlying issue. It has brought up a lot of fear of the future not being good enough etc.

    Jerking still happening but slowed down. Have a headache which I almost never get.

    Anything else I should be doing?

    My answer: this may be a big deal for you. Fear of what will happen… it first engages then it disengages, but you need to do it consciously.

    The jerking is normal. Headache is normal. Disorientation is normal. Fear is normal. Actually if you didn’t have it, I would be worried.

    The capacity needs to become conscious before it can work unconsciously.

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