What happens if and when something turns you from spiritual flying to spiritual falling? How can you reverse it?

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spiritual free fall after the holidaysAn interesting phenomenon: people who have never had any spiritual capacity activated, do better, fare better than “advanced” students.

Of course this is not true for everyone.

What is the difference, the crucial difference that I see?

It is whether they are in falling, whether they are flailing, or have hit bottom.

“Beginners” have hit bottom. They know it. There is no doubt about it. Unless they get that new spiritual capacity working, life will stay the same, and they will conine to feel alone, misunderstood, and rejected.

The “advanced” people, especially if the holidays put them in free fall mode, and it seems to me, that every one of my students is in that mode, they want to go back into flying… and it’s not working.

  • If you are a bird, you can fall and recover, and fly again.
  • If you are an airplane, you can fall and pull out of the fall, and fly again.
  • But if you are human, you have to hit ground to be able to take off and fly again.You have to go back to where you started, and even slightly below it.

You now have seen the enemy, if you have, and know that there is a floor on which you live, a floor that is based on a lie.

The lie, that you have been trying to fix by doing this spiritual work, cannot be fixed.

Lies cannot be fixed. Only what is real can be fixed.

But the lies, that are saying that you are worthless, that you are stupid, that you’ll never amount to anything, that nobody will ever love you, that the world would be a better place if you’d never been born… the list of lies can fill many books… cannot be fixed.

You built your life on one or two, maybe three lies.

You created behaviors that were created and are used to fix the lie… but of course a lie cannot be fixed.

If I asked you what you are like, what are you strengths, we would see that all you strength, I think, are created to fix a lie. (Related article: https://www.yourvibration.com/4992/asset/)

I am resilient, I am masterful at distinguishing, I am a survivor, hard worker… all fixes of lies, and if you look, all fit the lie like a too short blanket: you can see the edges of the lies: my life is in danger, I am stupid, I am supposed to be dead.

2D274905328077-today-skydiver-140310-01.today-inline-largeThere is something you can do with lies: you can tell the truth about it.

But lies don’t change with that. That is why affirmations don’t work. The lies will die when you die.

So what can you do, so you can have a great life?

That is the question to ask, the right question to ask.

sling working-with-baby-in-a-slingYou can embrace the lie, like you embrace a child, put it in a sling, and carry it with you.

The moment you forget about the lie is the moment it gets in the way.

You you carry it not only physically, but in your awareness too.

I showed how I managed to finally embrace my lie “I am on borrowed time” and experience joy, and an expansion.

You can embrace your own lie, that is your floor.

  • Joe can embrace that he will never amount to anything
  • Amy can embrace that she is like her father’s family: good for nothing.
  • Trish can embrace that she is not an intellectual… it was said more like “you are stupid” but I don’t remember the words.
  • Will could embrace that he is just a human… ugh, that hurts, right Will?
  • Miko could embrace that he can’t control other people’s behavior because he is not in control… that life will leave him behind unless he takes risks or does unpleasant things…

If I didn’t mention your name, I may not know your “floor” lie, or I didn’t remember you just now. If you got upset: look at that. That upset is a manifestation of the lie.

Your soulcorrection has a lot to do with what you made up as a strategy to combat the lie, to fix the lie.

The lie is individual, the “fix” is quite predictable. Actually it is predicted by the soulcorrection.

So, before you can do the work of ascending again, you need to do the deep work of digging out the lie, digging out your “solutions” and embracing the lie.

I know, it is scary, and you don’t want to do it.

It’s OK with me. You don’t have to fly again.

But if you want, let’s talk.


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Author: Sophie Benshitta Maven

True empath, award winning architect, magazine publisher, transformational and spiritual coach and teacher, self declared Avatar

4 thoughts on “What happens if and when something turns you from spiritual flying to spiritual falling? How can you reverse it?”

  1. Hi Sophie.

    From the webinar, the thought of “I’m stupid.” came out as my belief in the area of my life I want to make better. Would that be my “floor” lie?

    My soul correction is Circuitry. How do I apply this to the “fix” for my lie?

  2. R
    I don’t have to answer. But I’ll give you a clue: look back to several of my answers to your emails, and there is a common element: me saying that you act as if someone owed you something. With me, you specifically act as if I owed you something.

    That should clue you in about your floor.

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